The 6th of December

6:50   Rain. Much rain. No way. Ten more minutes.
7:00  *radio playing* Pushing Kicking the snooze button. Shdp. Nine more minutes.
7:02   *not conscious*
7:09   *radio playing*  Shit. Shit. Kicking the off-button. I want to start my winter sleep, now. I’ll close my eyes and sleep until – let’s see – March.
7:10   *not conscious*
7: 18   Crawling out of the bed. Feeling the cold Outside. Entering the bathroom. Finds a collection of stripes on the floor, paws wide open, looking happy. Touching his belly. He snores. He can start his winter sleep.
7:21   Starting breakfast. Bread and chocolate. Still.
7:58   Covering myself in plastic in order to remain not wet.
8:30   Mission failed.
18:13  Typing a New Post.
In Belgium, the 6th of December is somewhat special, because we (we doesn’t include me) get presents then. Does anyone recognise this habit for this day?