The devil’s arms

You want to hear a story?

I will tell you a story – just don’t expect a happy end. That’s not how it goes. Because as always it started with a bottle, finished faster than it should be. Which is a sign that something will happen – either you remember, or you don’t, but something will happen. And the need for adventure starts running through your veins. Whatever common sense you were holding on to, you are suddenly willing to let go, and see what happens.

That’s when the danger starts. I put on black eyeliner and greeted the devil. He gently laid his hand upon my shoulder. I smiled at my reflection.

And into the darkness we went. Darkness dances best, and we only drank more – of course. I like that atmosphere of disappearing into yourself with the excitement in your veins and muscles. It crawls upon you and holds you tight. It points at the world around you and tells you you can do everything. Do it. Do it.

Then he came along.

I held the devil’s hand as he slowly started leading me further and further away from where I used to be. My vision got worse and worse, to the point where everything was blurry. Away from the lights at the other side. Wave goodbye to what is good and reasonable.

He kissed me, clawed his hand in my hair and kissed me. I closed my eyes and let it happen.

Don’t let go of me now, you were leading me somewhere. Beyond many points of no return – but with my eyes closed, I couldn’t see them anymore. They were humming, I could feel them, but I kept my eyes closed. Touched them goodbye. Didn’t let go of the devil’s hand, leading me away from all of that. He led me to somewhere deep, a place where I could curl up and fall asleep peacefully. He covered me with a blanket and kissed me goodnight.

I lost everyone, and I started feeling not well. I pushed myself up on the sofa, where we were sitting, almost alone, and tried to inhale deeply. For a moment, it was overwhelming. He took my hand and said: “We should go outside, maybe that will help.” So we went outside. There was a bench right in front of the door, which made me so happy at that moment. There was nothing more delightful than sitting and waiting for it all to pass by. I did start to feel better, slowly. Somehow, we decided it was time to go home though. And home we went. My home, to be specific. With one eye open.

I wished I could sleep. I shouldn’t, because it would make me hung over, but I wished I could sleep. Forever.

He said I should go lie down. He said nothing would happen. For some reason, I let him in. Vampires cannot enter a house uninvited. How did I even manage to open all three doors? He sat down, I moved around the table and sat down next to him. It was getting lighter outside already. I had lost all track of time. I had passed too many points of no return, and I would only come to regret that.

With my hands bound, my head down, my eyes closed, my throat wide open… The song got stuck in my head.

I lay there naked and cold, too tired to move. He stood next to me and covered me slightly with the blanket I was lying on. To my satisfaction he lay down next to me.

I slept in the devil’s arms that night, and no one ever held me tighter than he did then. With a soft breathing in my hair, his strong arms enfolding me and letting me fall asleep peacefully. Deep inside, I curled up and fell asleep forever. Just a soft, sweet silence.

I don’t remember much more than his voice, “I have to go home”, and the sound of the front door closing. It woke me up and made me run to the window. There he went, walking away. That was all.

Tear my rib cage open. Drag my heart out. Hold it for a second, and then let it fall.

His strong arms dragged me back to sleep. I curled up, in anticipation of the parting. I stood at the other side, held the devil’s hand and watched the lights. Silently I sighed and asked him if there was a way back. He shook his head and kissed me softly. There was a time I was on the other side, I told him, and you can still see the good one standing there. But he’s too far away now, the devil answered. You’ve followed me here. You followed me to the darkness, out of free will. Now you will always be the bad one. But I will hold you, and I will kiss you.

I know I have made too many bad decisions to return to the good side.

He let my heart fall.

The devil and I stood there and watched it happen. His hands were heavy on my face, and my ribs were broken. I crawled my way inside, lay down and watched the blind darkness. There was nothing but me. And there, isolated, with stones on my chest, I dropped on my knees and for the first time,


I begged.

*The song is Prison Sex by Tool. Yep, that’s the actual title!*

Don’t Talk to Strangers

Cause they’re only there to do you harm
Don’t write in starlight
‘Cause the words may come out real
Don’t hide in doorways
You may find the key that opens up your soul
Don’t go to Heaven cause it’s really only Hell

Do you know that phenomenon where your brother introduces you to a hell lot of good music, but it never works the other way around? I started listening to The Offspring, Metallica, Tool and so on, but he never started to listen to Joy Division. Screw that.
Anyway, when I was listening to this song again a few days ago, I was suddenly struck: ‘this is so true! Talking to strangers will only get you trouble!’ And then I started thinking more and more. It started making sense. It makes sense godammit…
Now I know most of you, if not all, are older and wiser than me, but if there’s a duckling over here who is still unknowing and young, I’d like to say: don’t talk to strangers.
Seriously, duckling. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. They may seem so nice and understanding, but most of them are not like that at all. They will turn out to be assholes most likely. Don’t trust them.
I mean, I talked to strangers too. There was always a reason. ‘Hey, aren’t you *fill in name/anything at all*?’ And then, one by one, I passed all the situations Dio described in his song. I woke up one day with the word ‘blue’ written on my arm. I stood in a doorway and at that point I got sort of lost. I danced in darkness and stumbled (not physically – I’ve been dancing for 12 years and know how to stay upright).
I’m not going to heaven. There’s really only Hell anyway.
That’s what those strangers will do to you. They will write on your arms. You’ll wake up the next day and laugh – you had forgotten that he did that. They will stand with you in the doorway and you will think it’s promising. You will find a stage, lonely in the middle of a place, and you will dance.
And all of it will seem okay. It’s only the next day you start to wonder why it didn’t feel bizarre.
Dear duckling, they cannot be trusted. Before you know it, they’ll have bad influence on you. They’ll fuck you up. They’ll kill you!
(That’s somewhat overly dramatic. They will make you angry though. And pissed.)
Take my advice, duckling. One last thing should be added to the song though: Don’t drink too much!

Don’t talk, don’t let ’em inside your mind
Run away, run away, girl

No, no, no don’t let them in your mind
Protect your soul!

Lyrics via here.