Obama for the win – literally

Before you start reading this post, I should tell you that I’m not really interested in politics. Don’t be fooled. I do like to know a little bit what’s going on though, and it was quite impossible not to know elections were coming in the US… Someone here left a paper in the kitchen, so when I was eating my soup a few hours ago, I decided to read the part where they had collected English (or rather, American) pieces on the elections.
It definitely made my soup a whole lot more interesting. And it caused me to have reasons, motives to dislike Romney! Huzzah! In theory, I always get mad at people who deem before they know what they’re talking about. In reality, I’m often one of those people. I do my best to not do it, but it’s so subtle and small and you don’t always notice it, right?

Anyway, I started reading something written by a man who was quite pissed at Romney without losing his professionalism. I mean, he was not so much pissed as well ‘feeling very strongly about it’. As I was reading, I started to feel very strongly about it too. There’s a certain about birth control and abortion that always gets the debate going, right? Everyone is either for or against, and people who don’t share your opinion are immediately a bunch of idiots or retards and so on.
Okay, no, that’s a bit too harsh. But I do feel like everyone who does not share my opinion, has missed something. Maybe I’m just very non-believing and western and spoilt, but I don’t see why birth control would be a bad thing. Because face it, if birth control wouldn’t exist, we would have a bunch of babies that we should take care of. There’s a limit to the amount of people you really can take care of. There’s always a lack of money. Add all those ‘unwanted’ babies and there will be no more money left to take care of everyone, whether planned or not. And face this too: if we wouldn’t have had birth control, we’d possibly not have been where we are now – in a comfortable world with food and clothes for everyone.

The same counts for abortion more or less. I do understand that it feels like murder. Yes, it’s a child, it has the right to live just like we all do. But if you’re so pro ‘the right to live’, then end your wars now, at this very moment. Don’t be hypocrite – people in Afghanistan have rights too. yes, they’re human. O, and if you still have death penalty, then what’s the point of forbidding abortion? Don’t get me wrong- I’m for death penalty, in certain cases that is. Not the unlimited way it has been done for too long. Don’t just kill random people, right? Kill the ones who don’t deserve any better. Those people exist. Maybe they wouldn’t have lived if birth control or abortion would have been easier.

No, okay, that’s too bluntly. But you get my point – man alive, be consequent for god’s sake. I read even vetoed the right to use emergency birth control after a rape. Rape is this thing that people don’t see to be able to handle. Whenever a politician says something about it, it will cause debates and discussions everywhere. A dangerous place to be… Imagine how you would feel when this happens to you.

Next to all of this, I agree on the Belgian Facebook page: ‘Obama should win because he’s a chill nigger’. (NOTE: nigger isn’t necessarily a curse word here, especially here it isn’t meant to insult. Let’s have this right.)  Last but not least, I also see no point in trying to prove that Obama wasn’t born in the USA and stuff…

That’s as far as the political things will get here.