A few basic movie rules

1. If there’s one woman and one man at least involved, they will have kissed at the end of the movie.

2. However hard they fall, whatever explosion occurs close to them, they will survive. Pretty remarkable, isn’t it?

3. Try guessing who’ll survive and win – yes, it’s always the same thing in those movies.

4. Often there’s this guy with the ultimate pokerface. Almost gets shot? Pokerface. Risky trade? Pokerface. Insults? Pokerface.

5. A man with a Spanish accent is always Banderas. (Must admit the’s a good actor)

6. However many bodies are spread throughout the movie, it doens’t seem to matter at all. No one seems to wonder who’s killed them or something.

7. However much goes wrong, there will be a happy end for our beloved good guys.

These are some things I learned when watching movies, Assassins in particular.