I present you: Art

Currently no great spectacular news, though I completely nailed my computer stuff exam!, so I present you art.
Two summers ago I was in Madrid with some friends. We basically went from museum to museum, but that was okay, because it was bloody hot outside. One time we were in a museum where that was an exposition of Hopper running. One of my friends wanted to visit it, and I decided to accompany her. Good thing she wanted to see it, because it was great! Hopper’s art is very clear and calm. It’s simple in a strong way. Almost every painting has this sense of emptiness. Not just because there isn’t much present, but because of the atmosphere. I liked that. Life is already complicated enough, isn’t it?
His most famous painting is Nighthawks. I wouldn’t mind having that hanging on my wall… (Though having a famous painting probably gives a lot of stress and costs millions for just the insurance. I’ll go for the replica.)



I didn’t expect things to be so busy I don’t get to post anymore… But this image is my apology.

Via here.

There is always something about Alfons Mucha’s work that attracts me. The women he draws are ever elegance and they always seem to know more than you in some weird way. Plus: the dresses for god’s sake. Totally beautiful.

I suppose this one is on seasons. Which season do you prefer? Whether it’s from this piece or in real life? Up here it’s finally getting cold though I woke up twice this night because of a ***** mosquito. Is it really autumn if there are still mosquitos? I don’t know.

So: how’s the weather with you and do you like it?

Magic lights

Yesterday, when it was slowly getting darker, I stood in our kitchen, leaned out of the window to enjoy the wind and looked to the right. Then I saw a garden, decorated with these coloured lights. It looked so cosy and nice, really a place you’d like to spend many warm evenings.It reminded me of this picture by Tim Walker. He’s a great photographer, always creating fairytale worlds. And this specific atmosphere is so promising and soothing and I would like to be in such a place right now.  Just at ease, with a glass of wine and friends all around and the feeling that magic is going to happen!

Tim Walker - Dresses

1984 – Is it horror or heaven…?

Seldom have I read a book as scary as 1984 (George Orwell). No skeletons, no blood, no living dead or any kind of horror like that, but the frightening fact that we’re not free at all. You might think we are free in our minds – we aren’t. Everyday we’re being influenced a lot, without even noticing it. But there are worse kinds of influence.
There is nothing that can’t be changed. Even your thoughts are not more than things with no mass that can be changed into anything. You can believe that killing a murderer is justice. But the murderer probably believes he’s done the right thing. And with a little effort you can convince everybody of one of those two opinions. Everything is relative. (Believe me, I don’t like saying this things because they take away all certain things)  One day you might think this, the next day that. And what will be the right sight? I’m drenched with this mentality because the book forces me to overthink this. It forces you to doubt every single thought, every single conviction. It takes away every feeling of safety because of your belief in your own righteousness.
We should all be able to doubt our opinion but we also should be able to hang on to our goodness. I don’t dare to judge anymore though. I want to be good, but that’s pretty hard when you don’t know what good is anymore. It is time for me to divert and comfort myself, so I can think again  ;).

Read this book when a) you want to read a classic novel
b) you want to think about freedom
c) you need something that scares you subtly
d) you need to overthink good and bad again
e) we actually should all read this to feel free again

The Dutch Wiki-page about the book has some mistakes, don’t read that but read the book. Think about good and bad and justice. Safe us  ;).


Imagine… you’re in a great city, a city that lives, a city that is beautiful. Imagine that it’s your last evening there, that you regret that, that you want to make the most out of it. That you, and all the people there with you, are walking over the bridge where everyone is walking, and then it starts raining really hard, out of nothing, and everyone flees. Imagine that three young guys then try to dry their instruments, because they were playing music on the bridge. Imagine that the people, hiding for the rain, start clapping, that the boys decide to start playing music and then play Metallica on cello while it is dark as if it’s night and it rains as if you’re in a movie.
Imagine that you never forget that moment, and that you might remember it before all other things that happened in that city. Because it was so unexpected and beautiful and it was this kind of thing you can’t plan. It just happens and it makes your day.

Twisted beauty of Anastasia

Anastasia, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, 1994.

For me, this is a great picture. It has the whole story of Anastasia Romanov captured in it. At least, I think it’s about her :). You can see it the way you like. But the mix of vulnerability, the ‘mask’, the hair, the shoulder,… It all fits.
Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin are famous photographers. They always seem to show something beautiful, but at the same time edgy, not right, somehow twisted. As far as I know, of course. I like their work a lot, because they can give you the feeling there’s something not right although you don’t know what it is. One look is enough for you to feel a bit uncomfortable, and at the same time you just want to look at it. Attractive and a little repellent, beauty with a rough border.
To know more about Anastasia Romanov’s story: watch this. Or look at Wikipedia, but right information can never be ensured.
For more Inez and Vinoodh: this might just be your place to be.