Here we are again

My second year of university just started and things are busy. It’s just the first week, so there’s not yet a routine I can count on. Next to that I’m stil figuring out some stuff (what courses will I take? how on earth can I write ‘š’ on the computer?) and so on.
O, and I’ve already made bad mistakes. Couldn’t have been different I guess… Here we are again.

But from now on I’m going to make good decisions, be a good student and think about the future and everything. It’s good to be back here though, because after having spent threee months at home, I feel a bit like this…


And whenever I feel too tired or whatever to have the energy to be a good student and person and to party, I just listen to this instant energy bomb.
Really. It wakes me up everytime again. Next to that we suspect a classmate of us failed a cass but got a good grade because of a mistake. Sabotage!