In times or tiredness: music

It’s been a while since I posted, but you all know I’m really busy now. Next to that I completely lack inspiration. I’m so tired. I can feel it pulling me down, literally. Gravity seems to have hands who grab onto my clothes and slowly pull me down. Though I’m always tired, I don’t sleep very well. Apparently, my favourite hour to really wake up mentally, is 22h. Or later. Rarely any earlier than 21h.

Life can be hard.

I also seem to have forgotten how to talk to people. What do you say? How do you smile? I used to know this, how could I forget? I am becoming a loner who doesn’t want to speak to people. Communication? Why should I?

I guess I just need a lot rest and stuff. Meanwhile I offer you a cool video – classical music is nice to listen to while studying, so I found this video in which every instrument has its own colour and ‘little block’. Like that you get more aware of what is exactly happening. And that’s nice. But if you don’t want to watch, it’s also just a nice piece.