Meanwhile, in my Life

Blisters. Because we really had to walk and take a look in that disco, only to discover that we were right: there was no one.

Decisions. Did I think I had decided upon my studies? Ah ah ah. Good joke. Really.

Heat. 39°C, in Belgium. Rather unique. You won’t hear me complain about it, but I’m inside, and happy with that.

Skirts. Though I don’t often wear them, this climate doesn’t give me a choice. I’m even happy with the existence of skirts. Because sometimes, pants won’t do.

Never Let Me Go. Barely any time left for something else because this book is so good. Just like Catcher in the Rye, by the way. I was surprised by its style and fluency. Recommended.

Pink toenails. I’ve got a pair of shoes, black shoes, which immediately turn my toenails into black, unhealthy looking things. So I painted them pink. And then wore such little socks in my shoes anyway.

Eighteen is a much exciting age indeed.