The joy of blogging

Why do I spent so much time on the computer? Why do I feel the need to typ things, to delete them again and start all over? Why am I addicted to WordPress?

Because I’m addicted to blogging.

It started out all too innocent: ‘Hey, let’s start a blog!’ but it ended up as an addiction. Blogging was something I had been thinking about before. I like to share my world with other people, and internet is such a great means to spread the word. Next to that it’s pretty anonymous. I like that. (Though the ones who really want to, could probably find out who I am…) The joy of blogging is talking to people all over the world, reading great posts, writing great posts, getting funny comments, comment yourself, and so on.
The ultimate joy of blogging for me is writing stories. Talking about daily stuff in a witty way is so much easier in my mother language that I more or less believe that I’ll never be equally as funny in English. That’s the curse of internationalism. But by now, I have started thinking stories out in English. I’m brainwashed. And I love it.

It’s not only the writing that is extreme joy. Making internet friends is fun as well! I mean, most of you readers and followers are from UK, or US. How else should I have got to know you? There are so many great people, they should all be on WordPress. Though internet friends aren’t real friends. Are they? If you haven’t met someone in real life, is it allowed to call them friends? I don’t talk about NBI that often, but if I say something, I talk about ‘people I more or less know’. If your only friends are on the internet, then there’s something not very okay, I’m afraid… Though I don’t call you friends, I really love talking to you. It’s a different way of communication. We don’t know each other in real life and that’s why I say different things and behave slightly different. Because you being unknown to me, I dare to share my twisted stories. I never talk about my writings to my friends. They are somehow too close, and I’d be too ashamed to tell them.

So somehow I’m closer to people I don’t really know than to my friends.
Now that sounds absolutely weird. I just want to say that being anonymous makes it easier to speak your mind.

*happy sigh*

Internet, I once disliked you, and now you make my life more interesting.

In need of a hairdo

Is it me or is finding a good, fitting hairdo really really hard? I mean, I have hair and I want to do something with it. But what? Here some nice hairdo’s I’d like to try, but you know, if it’s not good, you can’t change immediately.

Thanks to Sincerely, Boots.
Recently I bought a hair ‘thing’, I want to try it this way:

(Yes, I do hair).
Some say hair like this would fit me well.

I’m not sure. What if it’s really ugly when it’s my hair? What if I want long hair again? So I might just stick with my blond, more or less long hair. And I’ll have a chignon sometimes. When not wearing a ponytail.

Jean Louis-David.
Or… would this be the best hairdo for me?
Choppy Layered Punk Medium Hair

Suggestions are welcome, because I don’t know it anymore. Any nice hairdo you have/ know about/ want?