Was this intended?

Today, I read the Daily Post post on blog names and decided that it was about time to explain why this thing is called No Blog Intended. Why would you say it’s not intended when actually it is? I have been worrying a little that people might think I’m not a ‘real’ blogger with regular updates since it was ‘not intended’. But when you start reading other blogs, they start reading you, and well, the problem solves itself. In fact I’m glad that I don’t have all too many readers. It makes it easier for me to know who’s reading. Though this is the Internet, I don’t want to be exposed to the whole world just like that.

But I’m going off topic.

So, why is this called No Blog Intended? Let me tell you a story.

I started blogging together with a friend a few years ago (two? three?). It started out as a joke, then became real and suddenly we were blogging. But after a while I felt like I wanted recognition for what I wrote. We shared one account, so no one could know which one of us wrote something or said something. And since I became addicted to blogging and spent quite some time on it, I just wanted people to know it was me saying certain things, writing things. Also, when having two different people, we could show two different views and yet no one would know it as written by two different people.
So I slowly started feeling limited.

And then I decided to move out, leaving our original blog to my friend and starting all over again, from the beginning, with everything I wrote. When you take such a decision, you just want to get it over and done with. In a few days I needed to fix the posts transport and come up with a new name. That was really hard. Since I don’t like to blog about one subject only, I needed something that didn’t limit the content. It couldn’t be ‘balletgirl’ or ‘shortstorygirl’ or ‘musiclover15’. It had to be something that wouldn’t make all of you think it was only about one subject. It had to be something that was easy to remember, that had nothing to do with my real name, that was just a general sign of me and my blog.

It was obviously too hard to come up with something good that wasn’t already taken. And then, my brother came with the idea of No Blog Intended, as a variation on no pun intended. I was getting really impatient and decided upon that name, adding ‘but the pun is’ as a subhead. That was that. I moved out, took all my posts with me and started from scratch again. From that moment on, things really changed. It seemed like I had more freedom to write, because I think no one I know in real life still reads this and that makes me more open in some way. I would never have the guts to share short stories with people I have to face everyday. NBI became more successful than the former blog (when I was still there) after a while. I never regretted going away. It gave me the right and possibility to say everything because it was only my opinion. That’s good.

Most of you know me now as NBI. I kind of think it doesn’t matter anymore what this blog’s name is. It’s only a little part of the entire thing it is: the posts, the video’s I share, the music and so on. And if certain people think it’s not a real blog, well, than that’s a pity, but it doesn’t matter that hard. I like it the way it is now, and I’m planning on keeping it exactly like like that.

How did you come up with your blog name?

Ten percent

A week ago, WordPress kindly informed me I’ve been blogging here for two years. Two years, that’s almost ten percent of my life. I was kind  of surprised as I still clearly remember the time when WordPress kindly informed me that I had been blogging for a year.

So much has happened!

Times goes so fast!

*fill in another obvious remark on time*

I feel like I’ve been getting better at blogging. I even wrote what I consider my best English poem (To get me out) and my best English short story (Thin air) so far. You know, I even considered stopping with this blog after having written Thin air. Not because I was tired of it, but because I strongly felt that there was nothing left to write anymore. Until I found another topic a few days later on.
But still. For a while I thought I wouldn’t be able to write something that would feel as good to me like that story. Which sound pretty pretentious now I’ve written it down. It actually felt like this though – what else could I write? Would it ever feel as finished as that story?

Of course I couldn’t stop blogging. That would be silly. I’ve been doing this for almost ten percent of my life! Probably even a full ten percent since I started earlier than two years ago. No regrets. Internet is great.

And one of the best things about blogging is that it makes you feel like you accomplished something when you’ve written a post. Even when writing that post caused you to not finish exercises, not learn something you should learn or not cleaning when there’s dust everywhere. But you guys don’t see the dust or the open books here! You only see a new post and you still read that stuff I write. So thank you all for that, and let’s stay in touch.

You can’t ignore such a well written demand.

Changes aren’t always scary

Look there *points to higher place*. What do you see?

A new banner, right?

A very cool new banner, right?

It’s the creative effect of a bored Geeky Gamer, in fact. If I’m not mistaken I can see some small Irish influence in that banner, which is cool, because Ireland seems to be such a cool place.  And Juls seems to be a cool person, which will only get better when becoming a mad scientist. Next to that I must admit I have a little virtual crush on Billy and Seamus. Just a little bit. (Sideburns!)

Let me know what you think of the banner and check out Geeky Gamer‘s blog!

By the way, the troubles with notifications seems to be over! Thanks to Running on sober and Rutabaga. Check here for the solution.

Oh the troubles…

Recently I’ve got some problems with WordPress, more specifically, with the notifications of comments. I don’t get to see your replies to my comments on your blog anymore. It’s very annoying as it’s a big part of blogging to have these ‘conversations’ and it pisses me of a bit… I tried to find help at the forum, but there are so many people trying to help there and I’m afraid my message will just be lost.

If anyone of you happen to know what causes this or how to fix it, please let me know. And feel free to tell me when you replied to my comments, because sometimes I don’t remember where I left a comment and I’m really interested in what you will reply as well. So feel free to spam me when you reply. I will appreciate it.


Want to help me at the forum, click here.

2012 in review: Looking back though I said I wouldn’t…

Normally I’m that kind of badass people refusing to look back or to make New Years resolution. But this was way too nice to ignore!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 10 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Blogrolls are forever

As an official contestant in Le Clown’s contest, I’m having a great time doing my best to get on that damn blogroll of him! I’m not the only one trying to achieve this, so that adds to the fun. Thanks to the fellow bloggers who were so kind to give me a like, thanks to L&L to accept my team offer (we’ll be beating up the entire zombie community together!), thanks to my new followers, of which a few must have found me thanks to Le Clown.

So, Clown, thanks to you as well.

I mean, you can feel it in the air somehow. Everyone’s eager to participate or help fellow bloggers and I have been patiently waiting all day until I could take over the computer. And man alive, never have I ever had so many notifications! (Though one time, I pressed the ‘unread’ button, as a joke, and there were in fact a few unread notifications! I had never known they were there all the time! It shocked me.)

I’m preparing myself to battle on, and as I promised, I will do a post on reasons why I’ll be useful in case of a giant zombie attack. You have my word!

O, and if you help me to get on that blogroll, I will rescue you during the zombie attack! That’s a promise as well. (You can go here for support, or give this challenge a try yourself – it’s permitted to donate your noses to someone else (me?) ! )

A matter of life and death, clown and contests

Do you know Le Clown? You know him? Then you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about his terrifying, exciting contest. The prize you get when you win, is a place on his blogroll! I mean, his blogroll! Le Clown is one of those blogs that seem to be the centre of the blogosphere. You’ve got a few of them, and they’re places everyone goes to. Like, a platform to meet new people, fellow bloggers. Right now I’m waiting in fear until he’ll comment on my nomination comment.

Yes, in fear. A place on his blogroll is definitely my dream ever since I was a little girl. Why dreaming of being a princess if you can dream of being on Clown’s blogroll? Exactly.

Most of this post is nonsense, but it might just give me bonus points. Life’s a bitch, and contests are the puppies.


If you like me, you get an extra piece of pie!

Slightly too late, but still: pie time!

I just got to realise today that I’ve been blogging for over a year now! Which I find a joyful thing actually. One year of sharing my thoughts and passions and overwhelming you with it. Endless posts on music and dance, a handful short stories, a thousand comments. But what has blogging really given me?

* Friends. I consider you to be friends – not the kind you go have a drink with, because of the lack of means, but still, you’re all a part of my life. And some of you are people I’d love to meet in real life, to have a drink with in real life. Really.

* Smiles. It happens quite often that my day’s nothing special, or even annoying, but then I see a nice comment or great post and then you make my day.

* A third place in a competition, a giant book, a nice bag, a great weekend, an amount of friends on Facebook. I won that third place with a story I wrote for this blog, and all the rest was a nice result of winning. I need people to read what I write, that’s the trigger for me to write, and you are the audience that make me type and eventually somehow become what I always wanted to become – a writer.

* The possibility to use my knowledge of English. I still make many, many mistakes, but I believe you all forgive me. I’m but a Dutch speaking girl after all…

* Knowledge about stuff. I can’t give an example right now, but I’m sure at least someone must have written something that made me smarter.

* Self confidence. Nothing boosts your narcissistic side as much as all the positive feedback you get. I loved your comments when I wrote my short stories, or when I was a bit down. You cheered me up. That is always nice.

On the other side, what has blogging taken from me?

*Lots and lots, by which I mean lots of time. Hours and hours, days even, and by now perhaps a month or so.

But that doesn’t really matter. If I couldn’t blog, I would be terribly bored sometimes. You keep me sane! That’s awesome! Maybe I thank you too often, I’m getting so cheesy lately… But here it is, for all of you sweet people (even the tough guys are sweet after all):


I’m heading for another year.

PS: I was just a witness to a fly at its last minutes. Now it’s lying dead next to me. A rather disturbing thought really.

What’s Olympic gold when you’ve got an award?

Well hello there! Here I am again, with slightly bronzed legs and quite a bronzed head after a rather amusing holiday. Add Madrid to your list of Places To Go Before I Die, I would say. Thank you all for the kind comments on my previous post by the way! You make my days.

Now, let’s get to the point. I suck at awards. That’s it. I’ve got nominated several times (of which many times by Lisa, who just nominates everyone who’s interested), but especially by three people: mgert123, Miss Audrey, and danbalva. They gave me the Tell Me ABout Yourself Award and the Sunshine Award. Thank you, kind people. Now I should tell you seven random things about myself.

Actually, that makes me smile a bit. Except my name, address and face, there’s barely anything you don’t know about me. My obsessions with dance, clothes and writing are rather obvious, I believe. My eternal urge for friends and endless love for you all is well-known. You could almost imagine my whole life by reading this blog, don’t you?

And yet, here: seven random things.

1. Since I got a diary when I was 8, I haven’t stopped writing about my life. I can’t stop it. I need it, and even if I don’t need it, I just want it. It’s a habit. Somehow.

2. I’ve got a hard time understanding people sometimes. I’m not the best at hearing what people say. Sometimes that causes awkward situations. Yeah.

3. Two years ago, I discovered a small talent for the high jump. You know, I never knew which leg was my best leg, until I decided to try the other leg. I almost broke the school record.

4. There are at least five things of which I was convinced I would never do them, but which I have done anyway.

5. Sometimes, I prefer reading a book over a magazine in public. It looks slightly more intellectual… And yes, I’m the one who says you shouldn’t care about the things people say about you…

6. I start to be more and more afraid. Normally, I’m not scared of heights, but three days ago, when our airplane took off, I suddenly got the feeling it was so damn fragile… The first time I took an airplane, two of my classmates tried to scare me, that’s why I wasn’t scared at all. Yep, that’s how it works with me! The harder you try to scare me, the more comfortable I will feel.


Well, that was easier than I had thought. Now I should nominate seven other bloggers. I’ve got a little bunch of dear followers (you know who you are) who have been nominated by me before. This time though, I want to nominate blogs I’ve recently ‘found’. That will make it slightly more interesting for all you, otherwise you already know all of the nominees.

 Alice down the hole

Alice writes interesting posts on fashion and dance and style and this kind of things. A nice read.


She takes amazingly beautiful pictures!


Always pretty, always friendly, always kick-ass. We’ve got quite a lot in common, of which I’m actually proud :). Her wardrobe is on my list of Things To Steal Before I Die.

400 days til 40

The best quest to figure out life by 40 I’ve ever seen!

All the little bones

A nice and interesting blog on dance, ballet especially. (I still hope she’ll do the Bayadere post soon:) )

Summer Solstice Girl

She’s funny and nice and interesting and- oh well, check it out yourself perhaps…

El Guapo

Need I say more? Perhaps he has already been nominated like a thousand times… But that’s because he’s so incredibly funny, friendly, with an endless source of inspiration for various posts and polls…

Thanks everyone for being interested in me and my blog, for nominating me, for commenting and liking and so on! Don’t forget to check out all these blogs here, and have a nice Sunday!

The joy of blogging

Why do I spent so much time on the computer? Why do I feel the need to typ things, to delete them again and start all over? Why am I addicted to WordPress?

Because I’m addicted to blogging.

It started out all too innocent: ‘Hey, let’s start a blog!’ but it ended up as an addiction. Blogging was something I had been thinking about before. I like to share my world with other people, and internet is such a great means to spread the word. Next to that it’s pretty anonymous. I like that. (Though the ones who really want to, could probably find out who I am…) The joy of blogging is talking to people all over the world, reading great posts, writing great posts, getting funny comments, comment yourself, and so on.
The ultimate joy of blogging for me is writing stories. Talking about daily stuff in a witty way is so much easier in my mother language that I more or less believe that I’ll never be equally as funny in English. That’s the curse of internationalism. But by now, I have started thinking stories out in English. I’m brainwashed. And I love it.

It’s not only the writing that is extreme joy. Making internet friends is fun as well! I mean, most of you readers and followers are from UK, or US. How else should I have got to know you? There are so many great people, they should all be on WordPress. Though internet friends aren’t real friends. Are they? If you haven’t met someone in real life, is it allowed to call them friends? I don’t talk about NBI that often, but if I say something, I talk about ‘people I more or less know’. If your only friends are on the internet, then there’s something not very okay, I’m afraid… Though I don’t call you friends, I really love talking to you. It’s a different way of communication. We don’t know each other in real life and that’s why I say different things and behave slightly different. Because you being unknown to me, I dare to share my twisted stories. I never talk about my writings to my friends. They are somehow too close, and I’d be too ashamed to tell them.

So somehow I’m closer to people I don’t really know than to my friends.
Now that sounds absolutely weird. I just want to say that being anonymous makes it easier to speak your mind.

*happy sigh*

Internet, I once disliked you, and now you make my life more interesting.