To Curve or Not To Curve

Last week I got to hear that I look so thin three times. It had been a long time again since I got to hear this. When I was younger, I was used to these remarks. People also asked me if I even eat. Yes, I do. I’ve got friends who sometimes forget to eat, but I can’t do that. I need my food, every two hours if possible. Otherwise my stomach starts to growl and that’s embarrassing. I like to eat. It shouldn’t be the finest, best thing I’ve ever eaten. Give me French fries and I’m one happy girl.

I just have amazing genes. For those who don’t believe it exists: it does! I’m certainly not the kind of person who is capable of dieting. I can’t say no to things I want, unless they really harm me or something. I’m one of the few lucky girls who can eat literally everything and don’t get fat. The downside to that is that people think I cannot judge other people. ‘You’re not fat!’ ‘You can’t judge that, you’re thin’. Plus the remarks on how thin you look. I mean, I know they don’t mean that in a bad way, but it kind of gives the impression that you don’t look good. Thin people could have anorexia. Thin people could be sick. Naturally thin is not often seen as a real option. I don’t think I look sick though. For a long time I was even convinced I had muscular legs. Then I saw a picture of me and thought ‘oh… they are thin indeed’. They are muscular though. Without muscles they would look scary indeed.

I’m not sick and yes, I eat. I’m lucky to have a body like this. I’m happy with that. But then, there are always people who say that real women have curves. So you’re not a good woman when you don’t have curves. Honestly I think this is made up by people who were in fact jealous but didn’t want to admit it and then tried to make non-curvy women the bad ones. So yeah, apparently I’m not a real woman. You can not be thin and curvy, unless you’ve been cut in and filled up with nasty stuff. The people who say that often pretend to be those who defend the ‘real beauty’ thing. You know, ‘all women are beautiful! Because real women have curves!’ Eh, yeah right. This curves thing also serves as an excuse to be overweight sometimes. Most people don’t think that is attractive, simply because it’s not healthy. People fall for healthy looking people, with good teeth, good skin and shiny hair. Healthy people can reproduce, and that’s the whole point. This is why obesitas isn’t considered beautiful. This is also why very thing people aren’t considered attractive. But now I’m speaking of the really sick ones or those with an eating disorder (because I really hope I’m attractive of course!).

Real women can be curvy or not curvy at all. The form of your body doesn’t make you ‘real’ or ‘not real’. Stop trying to force a new beauty ideal upon us this way. What is truly important is being healthy and happy and NOT trying to look like the ideal people try to force upon you.