When you start to appreciate

Do you love your family?

You probably do. Because, you know, it’s your family. You kinda have to love them. They’re the people you can’t avoid, so it’s better to accept them and like them.

But lately, I’ve noticed that I really love my family. Like, I am really happy to go home, to talk with them, to see them again. Not just because I have to, but because these are the people who know best how my mind works and why. In the end they’re the ones who had the biggest influence on me, so we are often so alike that well, other people will never understand it the same way as they do. It’s a bit weird though – this feeling really crept upon me a while ago to never let me  go again. I’ve always liked my family (offend them and you offend me – that kind of thing), but since a while I am conscious of that fact. I appreciate them more than ever.

Why? How?

Why do I want people to text me when they’re home? Why am I so worried about everyone? Am I becoming an emotional, caring and worrying creature?

I don’t want to make it sound as if I used to be a heartless little prick, but I guess I just wasn’t aware of how lucky one can be and how easily something can go wrong. Mostly people get all worried when they’ve been confronted with sitataions such as an accident or something. Then they suddenly ‘start to appreciate the small things, appreciate the people ‘ and so on. But I haven’t been in such a situation yet and still I’m appreciating everything, including people, more and I start worrying and everything.

There’s only one possible reason.

I’m growing up.

More of this here.

I guess it was inevitable. As soon as this academic year started I felt something had changed. Like, it became boring and I became one of the people saying ‘no, I shouldn’t go out, I have to work for school’. If that isn’t a sign of an upcoming boring adult life, I don’t know. And I guess a big part of that kind of life is that you start to realize what can go wrong (that’s like everything) and start to worry. Which isn’t all too bad, when you appreciate people and family more, but on the other hand is exhausting to worry all the time.

Maybe I just need to go find some swings again.

Swiiiiings! Source