It’s beginning to look like Christmas only now…

I haven’t posted in quite a while here, but hey, I’m still alive and kicking. First of all, I would like to wish you all happy holidays, I hope you are enjoying it. I’ve been so absent because holidays here are actually days we use to study. I’ve got exams in January, so ever day I lock myself away and study… Which is hard for brains like mine. Concentration remains an issue, but hey, I’m not doing that bad at all! I think. We’ll see how the grades turn out.
A side effect of this, is that I’m OCD’ing real hard these days. Ever since I returned to university at the end of September I have been OCD’ing more than before. I figured that maybe it was caused by the lack of control I had over the situation with Russia. It completely exploded once I stayed home to study. I can check it the doors are closed ten times and still something in me isn’t convinced that yes, the door is closed. The same with shutting out the lights. I return almost every time just to see if I really did that. It’s quite annoying, but I try to stop it.

Further on we’ve got snow here – which was unexpected! To me, at least. I heard that it would snow here, but something in me didn’t believe it. The day before it wasn’t even so cold… But one morning I woke up and saw that everything was covered in snow, and I just stood there staring at it because I was so surprised. But you know, it looks good, and I don’t mind it at all. Also the cold doesn’t disturb me. I don’t go outside that often, because studying, but when I do, I tell myself that it still feels okay.
Which is actually just an attempt to train myself for Poland.

Well, there isn’t anything exciting these days, so I will leave you with this sign of life. I hope to write some intersting posts soon, but currently I’m lacking inspiration – this atmosphere doesn’t create the best ideas, believe me. I’ll leave the talking to you for now!

Do you like snow? Do you mind cold? And do you perhaps know how to stop yourself from OCD’ing?


I’ve got quite some things to confess, especially since we had a rather remarkable Thursday night, but I will not be confessing all my sins and mistakes here. There is one thing though I want to tell – maybe someone around here feels the same way. Let’s share our dolour!

You know, today is the 1st of December and people start to freak out with delightful decoration. Christmas trees, small, coloured lights and so on suddenly appear everywhere, and magazines start talking about how to dress during the Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve. I didn’t realize it until I felt a sudden distaste turned up when seeing this stuff. I was casually reading a magazine and I saw all these things about The Holidays, and I stopped reading. I put the magazine away. I realized I don’t like this period. In fact, I start to hate it.
I mean, everyone seems to make a big deal out of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but I think they’re overrated. You should celebrate Christmas with your family, but in fact I don’t know my entire family well enough to spend hours and hours with them, waiting for food of some kind. And New Year’s Eve isn’t that special at all. Last year, we were on a bus at 12:00 pm, and that was the best New Year’s Eve I’ve had so far. It was unexpected, everyone was kind, we saw all the fireworks. That was enough. The parties that night aren’t any better or more special than at other times. Why would that night be better than others? I’ve had some great nights already, on the most random days.
It’s like obligatory fun, but mostly I feel a bit lost during these days. Sometimes I’d rather hide and wait until it’s over. Everyone makes such a big deal out of it, and I wonder why… Plus: I’m not catholic, and I know most people here aren’t, so they just take Christmas as an excuse for presents and too much food. (Though some people also might like to spend time with their family of course.) I don’t need any presents, I won’t buy presents either. That’s the best way to avoid Christmas songs as well…

Next to that, this period is filled with dropping temperatures and darkness and snow perhaps. The best circumstances to hide, right? Maybe I can spend those days in my bed, thinking away the world or something. A cup of hot tea every now and then, and I’ll be just fine. No need to dress up for a party that will probably suck, no hours spent waiting for the next dish though you’re not hungry anymore. It’s fine for me to celebrate Christmas with my parents and brother, and to be in some cafe with some friends with New Year’s Eve. Let’s not make a big deal out of it, okay? No Christmas songs, no Christmas trees everywhere. Not necessary. A burning grate-fire will do.

OMG, they’ll excommunicate us!


Good things

Because good things must be appreciated.

– Some angel from heaven gave me great resumes of a very difficult subject we’ve got. I didn’t know how to start learning this stuff, but the resumes definitely make it a lot easier. I’ve started spreading them amongst my classmates, who are very grateful to me now, though I have said I’ve got them from my angel. Still, it’s fun to be thanked.

– Next week, I’m going to Swan Lake by the Moscow City Ballet, and this freaks me out a little! I mean, a Russian ballet group coming to dance Swan Lake – who would not faint at that? I’m looking forward to it, so so much…

– Also next week, a big part of our class is going to celebrate Christmas in Poland-style at the Polish embassy. It will be so much fun! I’ve got great people in my class, and it will be interesting to see how much (or little?) we can understand the Polish people there. I mean, I don’t really get any further than ‘Hey’ in Polish yet, but we’ll see – there’s a great chance it will be a remarkable trip.

– I’ve had two voc tests now, and both of them were really really good – luckily. I mean, these studies are heavier than I could have foreseen, but it feels good to know I’m able to succeed, or something like that.

– I’ve got a duvet cover with reindeers. How awesome is that??

– Toblerone. Blue cheese. Cappuccino. All present.

– I just got  a text message. Woot woot!

I can’t think of more things for the moment, but hey, there are already many good things going on. Let’s keep it that way. What good things are happening over at your life?

Conversations… beware

Gin time has come now Christmas (what a duck! like we celebrate Jezus’ birth) comes closer every day. Gin time means that people can act weird at 3 o’clock on a Sunday. Oh yes. I was in the back of our garden, taking care over my rabbit, when I heard people walking over the little path behind our house. It leads to a little building where there was a Christmas cafe. I heard a witch laughing. The people were talking, I thought it was about trains or something. But then. I heard them talking about ‘ten euros’. And suddenly they stopped, right behind me. I could see them slightly, but decided to stay very quiet.
Witch: “What do you have to do then?”
Man: “Well, you have to drop your pants”  This was the point were I realised there were no trains involved. “And then he takes your penis”  What? “And he goes like *blowing sound* and again *blowing sounds* . And then he does ‘feeeeeeeeee’.”
Witch: extreme laughter. Extreme witch laughter.
Me: *looks left*
*looks right*
*adds it to traumalist*
The damn bitch even scared my rabbit.