One of the worst things that can happen

One of the worst things that can happen, is that your sleep is ruined. For example, when you are dizzy and feel like you can’t move your head without feeling like you are falling. Every little move wakes you up. Wakes you from a strange dream in which you can’t remember your phone number (necessary to be freed).
And then someone kicks your door open (light! so much light!) and jumps on your bed. He uses you as a pillow. Your ability to move is gone. When you try to move away, just a little bit, from your conquistador, he just rises again and moves back to you, dropping himself against your back. Merciless.
I succeeded in escaping my bed – although it must have looked pretty weird – and saw my cat lying exactly in the middle, sleeping peacefully. And poor me, with a head like a balloon, had to move because of no more space.
I love cats.