Life Choice # 6: Day or Night?

Up here, there’s a saying that can be roughly translated to ‘mornings are gold’. It’s the saying people use to get you out of your bed in the middle of the night… At least, what I consider to be the middle of the night. But I’m a night owl. Every morning I struggle to get out of bed, especially when there’s nothing fun to look forward too, or nothing as stressy as an exam. I need a really, really good reason to obey the alarm clock. After having the same alarm clock for 7 years or something, I still wake up quite often thinking ‘what’s this noise? What’s that? How can I stop it? I want it to stop! But how?’ Then I realise it’s the alarm clock, and I push a button, sometimes multiple buttons before I hit the right one that releases me from the annoying sound (which is just the radio, not even the annoying beep thing).
So yeah, mornings aren’t really gold to me… On the other hand, nights are my habitat. As often as I wake up disoriented, I can feel myself really waking up at 10 PM. And why go to sleep when you’re not tired? Having class all day and then going out until the sun comes up again – no big deal. I even managed twice to do this, and then without having slept I went to my morning class. I was pretty dead afterwards, and I sincerely promised myself never to do it again, but still I survived and really did that.

Mornings are made to work, you have to get up early because there’s stuff to be done and you should start with that as soon as possible. But nights are made for fun. You can either dance ’till sunrise or watch a movie, or listen to music before you go to sleep, it doesn’t matter – nights aren’t made for all duties you have to do. (It’s different when  you have an exam the next day, or when you do night shifts.) They have some kind of magic as well. You can dress up, put on makeup, lots of it because you won’t see it that hard, and become your ‘nighty’ self. When you don’t go out, nights still have this kind of ‘coziness’. Light a candle, close the curtains and enjoy your little cave. If you don’t even do that, remember that you sleep at night. Nothing feels as good as a warm, nice bed when you’re tired. That’s also a part of the night-time.

I guess it’s pretty clear I’m a night owl. No, I don’t like the idea of getting up because there’s too much that has to be done, too much that can bother you. No, I don’t feel well when I leave my bed so soon. It makes me nauseous instead. Just let me run around in moonlight and me is happy.

Kind of true sometimes. But still better than days.

What about you? Do you prefer day or night?

Scoop of the Week: How I Dressed Up

Hello my dears! I’ve slept quite long and now I’m completely fresh and sparkling.
I told you several times about the week of dressin up, and I even asked your help. But the best solution turned out to be going to a second hand shop. There I ound some good clothes that looked quite new, and combined with some of my own clothes and accessories, I succeeded in dressing up beautifully. Yes, I can’t help it, I felt very good with how I felt.
And other people were very enthusiastic too. When we started our procession (people of the same school moving en masse in the same direction, that’s all), there were photographers and one of them picked me out for a picture of me alone. Self confidence: going up. Unfortuntely I didn’t ask him where the pictures would be shown, because the people moved on and I didn’t want to be left behind on my own.
Wearing those clothes felt really good, I must say. I felt sophisticated (remember the post about cigarette holders?) and elegant in a slightly old-fashioned way. It’s a pity that today ‘sexy’ is seen as ‘the shortest dress’. There were many, many girls wearing ‘sexy’ short clothes, but it just didn’t look too good (especially because they were not slim, so it was a bit… showing of too much).

But I promised you pictures. And as I was proud of how I was dressed up, I’ll give you one.

*The picture has been deleted. If you really want to see it, beg for it, and I might just give in. Who knows.*

(It’s rather hard to see all the details, I know, but I’m sure you can deal with that)

Help needed

I need your help.
I need some ideas about how to dress up. You see, in about two weeks we’ll be celebrating our last 100 days of high school, and then we have to dress up as someone or something famous.
And I do not know how.
It has to be something rather easy, not too difficult, and if a person, then female.

Any ideas?

Oh, if only I had the clothes for this…

And this, but maybe it’s a bit… too much for school?