Dear servants

Dear servants and human beings I live with,

Do you eat the same everyday? No. I witnessed several of your dinners, breakfasts and lunches (but the last ones rarely, as they can’t really offer me pleasure), and your variation of feeding is stunning. You hardly eat the same thing twice in two days. Admit it! I know it. I was there.
Then why, my dear servants, should I eat the same thing my entire life? Now tell me, why wouldn’t I like to try something different from what I consume daily? Exactly – I demand new food, now.

And you, as inferior human beings, should not complain if I try to taste what you’re eating. It’s just a natural reaction to which you get angry. But what you eat, smells good, so then excuse me for wanting to know what it is! My apologies for jumping on the table – I wasn’t the one making it so high!

Now then, I’m glad we understand each other.


His Catjesty