Hidden talents

1. Spotting rain.

When I say it’s raining, it is raining. Trust me. Even though you might not see it. I’m never wrong.

2. Intonation.

My Russian teacher said my intonation was very good after my last oral Russian exam. I guess it’s a talent… Right?

3. Making spaghetti.

As in: warming up spaghetti. With my spaghetti-make-Tupperware-something. I got it from a friend and it’s like the best gift I ever got.

Heavenly, heavenly this.

4. Remembering music.

Like, really well, every instrument and every note. This mostly occurs when I’m half awake, and often I seriously have no clue of what song it is. I just lie there, the music plays in my head and I feel like I’ll never forget it – which I do. And I never find out which song it was. Almost never. But the music is somewhere in my head, hidden, locked up, waiting for a moment to come out and haunt me.

5. Writing without editing.

I once had an exam for which I had to write an essay, two pages max. While everyone was making schemes and writing it down as a draft first, I just started writing as soon as I had a general idea of what I wanted to say. The point is, if I write it down somewhere else first, I will be tired of it as soon as the draft version is finished. I kind of hate writing the same thing twice. So most things I write are pretty editing-less.

6. Getting a heart attack because of myself.

I can freak myself out by climbing creaking stairs, or by using the toaster. One tip: do not watch the toaster. It somehow enlarges the shock when you’ve got the visual effect as well.

Talented me, right? But what are your hidden talents?