Evil is the new sexy (part 3)

Ready for the last doses evilness? Then here we go! Make sure to read this  and this as well in case you can’t get enough of evil people.

First of all I’d like to apologize for repeating myself – there are some clips I keep on using, I know that. But in case you’ve missed them, you just get to see them again, and in case you’ve already seen them, feel free to skip those.
So here we go again for Anne Boleyn. I still find The Tudors an awesome series, and Anne Boleyn was so well played, amazing. But you must admit that in the beginning, we all hated her a bit. She was the cause of Katherine’s misery, how could we forgive that? After a while though, I couldn’t help but understand that it wasn’t even personal… She was kind of forced to seduce the king, and in the end she was left behind by everyone it seems.
Still, kinda evil. The way she talks about Katherine, and the way she talks to Mary… Ouch.

Thanks to Edita I also want to point out Lilith. She’s a sort of mythological figure, a female storm demon, bringing illness and death to the people. Not the best thing to be known of… In the Bible she’s depicted as a ‘night ghost’, and in the Jewish myths she sometimes appears as the first wife of Adam. She wouldn’t have been made of a part of his body, making her equal to him. That also caused her to require equal rights. They constantly fought about that until Lilith was fed up with that and called God. (She knew his secret name – useful!) Though God wanted her to return to Adam, she refused and wouldn’t give in. If that ain’t badass… In my opinion she was very right to do so. But okay.
It is said that the woman on the right of God in Michelangelo’s painting might be her. Who knows… I wonder if they have figured out who everyone on the painting is. Imagine that that is possible!

Back to more recent times, have you seen The Avengers? I haven’t, but apparently, girls were fond of Loki – though he’s the bad guy! So I felt like I sort of had to include him. When searching for a good clip starring him, I must say his voice sounded pretty nice… And well, a bad guy is always a bit more interesting than a good guy that spends his time saving kittens (though in the end, I’d choose the kittens guy, obviously – I love kittens).

As the last thing I’d like to show you – I know there are many others, but I can’t show them all unfortunately – I want to show you Death. Do you imagine Death wearing a yellow dress, smoking cigarettes? Could you imagine her on pointes, with classical music in the background?
If no, well, I didn’t picture her like that either, but now I do. If you think ballet is boring and nice, think again, because in Le Jeune Homme et La Mort (The Young Man and Death), the ballerina is a real femme fatale, toying with the young painter until he breaks down. She constantly pulls him closer, only to kick him away again, literally. Nonchalantly smoking she walks around and makes him go mad. He looks so broken…
Now, that is what I call evil. Death appears at 4:40, in case you want to skip to that part immediately. It’s impressive how she plays with that poor guy. And yes, they’re actually smoking on stage in this part. In part 2 (you can find it on YouTube, of course) she ends up tying his rope – whether she’s Death or a real woman that drives him insane, she’s the ultimate evil person and therefore a great end to this series.

On the Dark Side

What if you let your dark side take over?

An unfortunate event has allowed the Devil to own your soul. He has decided to give you a chance to get it back but to win it you must bring a smile to the Devil’s face with your actions. He allows you to have one full day in which you can do anything your heart desires without fear of consequences, retaliation, retribution or prosecution.

What does your darker half have in store for the rest of us? What can you do to make the Devil smile but still keep your humanity?

Challenge from Okay what if. Thanks to the Indecisive Eejit for writing a post about this and spreading the idea like that!


First things first, I’d take my pencil skirt, fish net stockings, high heels and my hat – if you are about to do evil, better look classy. Hats are perfect for this because you can look at people from underneath the border. I’d put  on red lipstick and black leather gloves.
Then I’d leave the house. In my left hand a cigarette, in my right a Kalashnikov (or any other gunlike weapon). There I’d go, on high heels, my eyes covered by the shadow of the hat.

Having the support of the Devil also means you are able to track your targets I suppose. Otherwise I would find them anyways. I know who I want to find. There are many ways to hunt them down. So first I go to that one specific enterprise.
“I want to see the boss”, I say.
“Do you have an appointment?”, the slightly confused secretary asks. I grin.
“I don’t need an appointment, believe me.”
“Are you sure?”
I slowly lift the kalash.
“Dear, stop asking questions. I know very well what I’m doing. Make yourself a coffee and everything will be okay.”
She blinks quickly when watching the kalash, and remains silent. I pass by with her big eyes following me. With a little push from the kalash her computer screen falls over and is shattered.

But there is no way I will let anyone distract me. So I walk on until I end up at his office. He’s just sitting back calling with someone – and it’s certainly not business stuff. As soon as he sees me he gives me an angry look. I just enter the office and take over his phone.
“What the-”
“Shhhh.” I hold my finger in front of my lips, and then drop the phone. With a slow but strong movement I shatter it underneath my heel.
“You, sir, are one of the biggest assholes I have ever known. You don’t even have a shadow of a conscience. Money and power are the only things on your mind.”
“Who are you?” he says, with a red face.
“Why would you mind? Listen to me, shithead. Listen!”
I push him back in his chair.
“I will give you a part of what you deserve. Burn in hell.”

Then I point my gun and shoot him in the knees.

I nod and then slowly walk away again. To the next target. There are still many knees to shatter, or arms to give a grazing shot, so many people to scare.
There’s the asshole that made me feel useless and extremely bad – here comes the bullet.
There’s the bitch that said all those things to people close to me – do you see this gun? It’s pointed at you and I could shoot. But I don’t. She will always remember though. No more insults. No more, no more, no more.

O, and look who’s there. I smile and he comes over at me.
“Well hello there.”
“Hello”, I say.
“Everything okay?”
Something makes this sound very insincere. I’ve got the feeling he doesn’t really know what to say, or how I’ll respond. But I still smile. Then I show my kalash.
“I’m fine, perfectly fine. And how are you these days?”
“Eh… Okay as well I guess…”
He sees the gun and thinks ‘shit, she’s such a freak’.
“No need to be afraid. A good aim and no one will know or feel it.”
At that point he starts to look scared. Little drops of sweat drip down his face. His hands shake.
“Is that supposed to be comforting or something?”
I laugh.
“It’s funny how scared you are”, I say. “It’s funny how you seem to believe you’re worth a bullet.”

Then I nod at him again and walk away, lighting another cigarette. It’s getting darker, smoke surrounds me, and slightly smiling I leave the stage I constructed for the day. Tomorrow I’ll be gunless again, but this day has finally brought me the revenge I have been longing for for so long.
Sweet, sweet revenge.

Dear Devil, does this please you as much as it pleases me?