The Final Episode

After writing that last post, the overview of the failed love story, I realized that I had not returned to peace like I had claimed. The more I thought about it, the angrier I still got. And I knew that this had to end. I had to do something in order to let it go. Because honestly, this was not good. At all.
So I gathered my courage and send him a message, in which I explained that in my eyes he had done exactly what he had told me he wouldn’t do, namely ignoring me. And therefore I no longer felt the need to follow his life on Facebook.

Yes, we were still “friends” on Facebook.

Then I deleted him. It was terrifying. I knew I had sent a pretty okay message, I didn’t insult him, I just said what I thought. Short and dry. But still, I didn’t know what was about to come and I was a little scared.

Today I read his response. He said that that was fair and then explained that shortly after our night together, another girl had given him a chance, and he had liked this girl for a long time already. Then he got really busy and after that no longer knew how to bring it up to me, so he decided to take a safe bet of ignoring me. I wouldn’t call it that safe though, because I was pretty outraged. But okay. He admitted that it was cowardly and wished me all the best.

There we’ve got it. An explanation at last. After I had read that message, I realized that I needed that so hard. I needed to know why I was left behind just like that because I couldn’t believe that he just wanted to use me for sex. But here it is. Reasons.

I then responded that that explained it, that I hoped things turned out fine with the other girl and I wished him all the best as well.

We then wished each other good luck with the finals and that was it.

I finally got my real end, my final post about it. It feels like a relief now. I got my explanation, I got my peace of mind again. Of course I should have done this ages ago, but I don’t think I could have done it a month ago. I needed all three months to send this message, but I did it, thank god.

So now I’m really back to peace. Doesn’t this seem a glorious reason for champagne, anyone? 😉

No, I don't need revenge anymore... But this was too brilliant to leave unposted!

No, I don’t need revenge anymore… But this was too brilliant to leave unposted!