Luck is a loaded gun

I always dress up for occasions like this one. Some shiny fabric, nice makeup and high heels will do the job. It’s worth it right? This isn’t just daily pleasure. This is more. Still, even when dressed up people don’t pay attention to me. They ignore me. But when I’m no longer there, they start to miss me, beg for me to return. How come they can’t see me when I’m there? Every now and then a stray look. Nothing more than that.

This time, it isn’t very different. I enter the cafe right behing her, with the gun in my hand. Another thing no one pays attention to. Are you all blind? The girl I’m following is a quite regular girl, wearing a black dress. Although no one notices, I know that it’s a wonderful dress. Mind the workmanship. She loves it.
Further on, she has dark brown hair, almost black, and eyes with an undefined colour. I can’t say she’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, but why would that matter? Why would Fate mind looks? I sit down next to her and her friends in the warm cafe.

There’s the boy. He isn’t close enough but after all these years I know exactly what to do. It’s all a matter of composition, really. A slight push here, a soft kick there and people move and you’ll get them where you want them. Where you need them. Could it be any easier? I force him to get closer. While doing so, I see his eyes, so damn beautiful. I know she’ll love it. She’ll love it and then regret it all. That’s how things go. You do something, and then the regret. How can you keep on dealing with it? I never regret something, ’cause I only do what needs to be done. I fulfill Fate. That is what I believe.

They see each other. They smile. I can see them both hoping for a chat, for some small talking. When two people want to talk, they will. It only becomes a problem when one of them doesn’t want to. It doesn’t take too long for them to find a way. Some banal topic. This is the point where I take her hand. I know she’s slightly aware of it. But she’s thinking way more about him and how she’s talking and what she’s saying. I’m only a detail and in fact she’s a bit afraid. Will I stay or leave? She can’t know. But I stay. I always stay longer than people expect.

It starts to get very cosy over here. The chatting goes very well. The exchanging looks are so obvious that you wonder why they don’t just go outside and you know, have fun. But no, people like to wait some longer. As if they don’t know how fast the tide turns. They just don’t realize. I soflty rise my hand and hold the cold gun against her head. This time, I’m sure she ignores me. She doesn’t want to feel. And I know why.

The door of the cafe opens again and along with the icy wind a girl enters. You can immediatly see her determination as she walks up to our boy, sitting in front of our girl, chatting. Our girl turns her head to the other girl and my gun moves with her, but it doens’t leave her temple, not a single second. This is an important moment, it needs my focus. I need to hear the moment, you know. It’s really a soft creaking sound. You cannot see it in their faces, but if you listen well, you can hear the sound of sudden despair.

The girl embraces our boy with her eyes fixing our girl, who suddenly feels weak.
“Well, hello”, the girl says. “Making friends?” She doens’t sound very enthusiastic nor interested. She’s scanning our girl to find the possible danger. And our girl shrinks and waits.
“Yes”, the boy anwers, and kisses the girl, whose eyes finally let our girl go.

I pull the trigger.