Music on Monday : Melancholy

There’s your cell, and that’s you sitting in its corner, because corners feel safer. It’s quite cold, dark and empty in there. But the outside world is burning hot.
Once, once you had everything: nice people around you, fancy dresses and beautiful jewels. Life was good. But that changed and now you’re left with nothing, heading straight for the end. This is a lonely place, the dungeon where they locked you up. It’s a sad and tragic thing. A sad and tragic life…

This is a video on Katherine Howard’s days before she was executed. The fragments are taken from the TV series The Tudors, which was really, really good, and its soundtrack is stunning. I might be posting more of the music used there, because it is so amazingly great. There’s a great sadness in this music that’s subtle and beautiful at the same time.
But for now this will do as tomorrow, my execution will take place… In the form of an exam. I’m scared. Actually I really am… I don’t want to fail again. I want to feel smart!

So please, burn a candle for me or something. Who knows, it might just work…!