Decisions upon a life

I’m tired, things go wrong, irony strikes back and I’m tired. I want to sleep for days.
All of this is causing me to be in a bad mood, which shows itself by me being silent, critical, cynical and sarcastic. I am not the friendliest person now. You’d better hide if you have ever done me harm. I’ll strike back with violent words and mean remarks.
So… it might be better if you, my dears, take over and tell nosy me about your ambitions. You know, next year I’ll go to university and that means I have to choose. (Choose! Like I can choose! What a duck. Put me in a cafe and I cannot choose what I’ll drink. And now I’ll decide on my future?) I’ll probably do Slavic studies (Russian, Polish and the history, geography and so on).
But what about you? What did you want to be when you were a child? (I wanted to be a dancer – imagine! how weird! – or a writer – until I saw my inpiration fogging away (moving away like fog) as soon as I started a blog)
What do you do now? Do you like your job?
Tell me all about it. I’m a patient audience.