A Sneak Peak In My Life

What have I learned today in class? Well, I’ve learned that the Russians have a song about a guy who started a revolution. Though I couldn’t read the entire translation, I saw that there was also a young bride involved. Apparently he was a brave man and stuff. All people starting a revolution are brave. But okay.
It seems as if a Flemish guy thought this song was boring though. He kept the melody and changed the words. So now here in Belgium, we sing this song as well, but our lyrics are about a frog sitting on his mother’s knees… Great.
This song is also sung at what we call a ‘cantus’. This is an event that is typical for students. You spend the night singing this kind of songs and drinking as well. Sometimes, alternative versions of a song are allowed. Especially this frog song has a lot of different versions… Before you know it, the frog is sitting there in Gangnam style. Oh yes.
If you’re not going to a cantus, you can go to the Gangnam style TD (Thé Dansant? ThursDay?) in one of the cheap restaurants. Those restaurants are frequently visited by students, ’cause if you are a student, your food will cost at most € 5,10. And it’s quite decent food as well. Sometimes.
For people like me, who suck at any form of cooking, pasta included, this is a blessing. I mean, okay, pasta isn’t that hard, but still I eagerly accept the advice of my ‘house mates’ when cooking. (‘Cooking’) Luckily they are kind enough to help me out. This evening, we’re even going to party in one of the student cafes. Beer for € 1,20; Rochefort for € 1,80, be a blessed student… This evening, vodka red bull will be € 2. Which means I’ll have to watch out.
Not that I ever get drunk. But I could start saying and doing things I’ll regret afterwards. Secretly I hope to see someone again, someone who has been a part in my non-existing love life. I wonder what it will be like to see him again. I wonder what he’ll say. I wonder if I can turn back time a bit. Have I done something stupid? I don’t know.
All I know is that I should be studying instead of partying and writing posts.

That is what I’ll do now. Or else I will get some sleep… Sounds even better. How are you doing?