Conversations… beware

Gin time has come now Christmas (what a duck! like we celebrate Jezus’ birth) comes closer every day. Gin time means that people can act weird at 3 o’clock on a Sunday. Oh yes. I was in the back of our garden, taking care over my rabbit, when I heard people walking over the little path behind our house. It leads to a little building where there was a Christmas cafe. I heard a witch laughing. The people were talking, I thought it was about trains or something. But then. I heard them talking about ‘ten euros’. And suddenly they stopped, right behind me. I could see them slightly, but decided to stay very quiet.
Witch: “What do you have to do then?”
Man: “Well, you have to drop your pants”  This was the point were I realised there were no trains involved. “And then he takes your penis”  What? “And he goes like *blowing sound* and again *blowing sounds* . And then he does ‘feeeeeeeeee’.”
Witch: extreme laughter. Extreme witch laughter.
Me: *looks left*
*looks right*
*adds it to traumalist*
The damn bitch even scared my rabbit.