Not really looking back… only a little bit

You know that feeling when you leave the hotel room or the apartment of whatever you slept while being on a holiday? During your holiday it was full of clothes and towels and teeth brushes, but now it’s empty. Somehow you really want to go home, because home is good, but on the other hand, it was so good here… And still you just close the door behind you and you leave.
That was the feeling I had when I left the room I’ve been living in during the school year. This year has passed by so damn quickly. Mostly I promise myself not to look back, but quite a lot has changed and it’s almost impossible not to turn around once more. The best part of looking back is the fact that I liked this year. Not at all times, of course, but overall this year has been full of interesting stuff – going from Russian and Polish to going out ’till dawn. These studies are definitely ‘my thing’, which is a nice feeling, and going out in the city of my university is exactly what I always wanted it to be. A lot of places to go, each with their own style and music, a bunch of nice people of our age, and not caring about when to return home.

So the confession I have to make is that I’m going to miss it this summer. There’s a great chance I won’t find any work for these months, which means: less money and boredom. I really hope I will still find something, and if not – I’m screwed. Either way, even though it was stressful at times, and confusing and whatever, I will really miss being there, going out there, living there. Which means I’m looking forward to return, and that’s a good thing, right?

Yesterday I went out there for the last time this school year, and when I returned the sun had risen already, it wasn’t dark by far, and I was biking home with this great feeling of having had a great last night now. It was a great ending to this year, better than I expected.

So I’m not really looking back this hard. I’m just being happy with the decisions I have made in general. I only want to ask one thing of you: please stay with me this summer, in case I go insane because of the isolation. Next to that I wish you all a great summer!

Biking home this morning didn’t look like this by far, but it kind of felt like it was me on that horse. Because exaggerating is an art!