The 80s Revival

When I was 17, I was actually a pretty cool kid.

I might not have realized it back then, though I think I kind of did, since I didn’t want to become 18 then. I loved being 17. It meant freedom, free to do what you want because you’re young, and not yet the responsibilities that come along when you’re an official adult. So I guess I kind of knew that this age was brilliant. I don’t know though if I realized that I was pretty badass.

You know, I had the guts back then. I was the girl who wore fish net stockings to a catholic school. No doubt I was the only girl there in at least six years that did that. Supposedly people didn’t approve of that, but I just didn’t care. I liked the way it looked and I still like it, but don’t wear it anymore. Back then I was different and didn’t mind it the least. More the opposite. I’ve always wanted to be unique. The thing is, I just was unique over at my high school. Some people would call it weird – I can’t really disagree.

It took a long detour, but via other stuff I got in touch with 80 music back then. It was a discovery. A

What "gothic" has become for the people. Source

What “gothic” has become for the people.

treasure I opened. It all started with the ‘gothic’ groups Within Temptation and Evanescence and a lot of drama. Oh my god I am so gothic. Life is tragic. I must be a fallen angel. That kind of stuff. But then I discovered what real gothic was and like that I dived into a world of good beats and mohawks. Thanks to a forum, appropiatly called ‘The Batcave’ (this was also the name of a club in London where a lot of new wave and 80s groups performed), I got to know more and more about it. Yesterday I wanted to go back to that forum, but apparently it’s been shut down due to lack of action. It made me a bit sad. It was the first time I put myself out there on the Internet. I didn’t have a blog or Facebook back then, so this was my first public account. Exciting. It made me admire a good mohawk (it’s a rarity still), it made me listen to a lot of good music. Music barely anyone knows by now. Along my discoveries: The Cure, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins and more obscure things. Oh, and it made me like piercings. A whole lot. We all know that this effect never really left me.


This makeup. YES. Source

Since those days I’ve always liked a good 80s beat and a good mohawk. You barely see that in the streets these days. Such a pity. I’m certainly way more open-minded than other people seeing what I have listened to (the best names to mention: Sex Gang Children, Alien Sex Fiend, Virgin Prunes) and what I like. I’m not the one who should judge… At all. So I don’t.

A proper mohawk

Then I turned 18, inevitable, and though I never stopped liking this music, I stopped listening to it so frequently and found new groups and new genres and it all stapled. I cannot stick with one specific kind of music. It’s only now, three years later, that all of sudden I started digging in that genre again. And oh, how I love it! It’s like talking to an old friend again. I missed these things without realizing it! All these songs that stuck with me when I was 17, suddenly I found them again and it was awesome. I’ve been having a little 80s party the last few days. I know I should be studying, but doesn’t that go better with some badass background music?

Mohawk meisje

Both proper mohawks via this site. Just discovered, such a great collection!

Certainly one of the best parts of this ‘re-discovery’ is that I realized I truly like this music. I didn’t listen to it just for the sake of being unique and different, I listened to it because it’s my thing. That’s good to know. In my opinion it makes the younger me even more awesome, for just doing what I liked instead of trying to fit in or trying to standout. Maybe I don’t have to try to stand out at all. Maybe I’m just naturally the weird kid. That’s fine with me 😉

PS: I never died my hair black (I want to be blonde until I go grey), nor did I sport a mohawk. I’ve got four earrings and that’s as far as piercings go. I did wear a lot of black though, which I still do. That’s a tough one to eliminate.

Last but not least, one of the first songs that drew me into this kind of music and which I will always like. Plus, it’s the Sex Gang Children. Now you can tell everyone you know them.

Treasure Hunting # 6: To the Batcave

There was a time I often call my ‘Batcave period’. I started getting interested in 80s music, above all the darker part. This side has many names: postpunk, new wave, batcave, blah blah. I suck at genres, I find it hard (and unnecessary) to strictly divide music. Therefore I often refer to that music and my liking of it as the Batcave period, or post punk. Gothic is a term I don’t like using, because most people have a very different view on what that is then the people who listen to ‘real’ gothic music. If you’re not sure what it is, then you’re probably wrong. I could write posts and posts about that, but not today.

If you wonder why it’s also called Batcave: that was a club in London, often considered the birthplace of the goth subculture. Via this genre I came across some very interesting and cool music. For some you have to be open-minded, other music is sometimes quite well-known (The Cure, The Smiths) and some music is just unknown and underrated. You wouldn’t even call it gothic if you heard it – I’m not sure if it’s even called gothic. It doesn’t matter. I’ve found interesting music thanks to my Batcave period and that’s what matters.

The song I would like to share is Avatar by Dead Can Dance. Their band name refers to instruments, ‘dead wood’, that can still dance when they’re being played. Just so you don’t think of zombies and dead bodies. ‘Avatar’ has nothing to do with the song. I don’t know why that’s the title. Are the lyrics even sung in a real language?

It doesn’t matter. This song doesn’t need explanation. For some reason it’s very emotional and powerful and special. I like it a lot. Also: the beat somehow makes me want to dance. Music that makes me wants to move is good music to me.

Please be open-minded and listen, perhaps twice. It’s not what you’d call gothic. It’s special and great – I hope you can agree.

Skeleton lol

The funny, unofficial video of Into the Abyss from Sex Gang Children. (Don’t be afraid of their name or the skeletons, it’s not meant too seriously) They call themselves a ‘seminal goth band’ I believe. Their music is to lick your fingers (is that even an existing expression?), not common but really good, in my humble opinion. Let this make you day!