In need of a hairdo

Is it me or is finding a good, fitting hairdo really really hard? I mean, I have hair and I want to do something with it. But what? Here some nice hairdo’s I’d like to try, but you know, if it’s not good, you can’t change immediately.

Thanks to Sincerely, Boots.
Recently I bought a hair ‘thing’, I want to try it this way:

(Yes, I do hair).
Some say hair like this would fit me well.

I’m not sure. What if it’s really ugly when it’s my hair? What if I want long hair again? So I might just stick with my blond, more or less long hair. And I’ll have a chignon sometimes. When not wearing a ponytail.

Jean Louis-David.
Or… would this be the best hairdo for me?
Choppy Layered Punk Medium Hair

Suggestions are welcome, because I don’t know it anymore. Any nice hairdo you have/ know about/ want?