Good memories

Good memories rarely start with ‘And that day I decided to stay home and go to bed early’. So yesterday I was hesitating very hard, like I do nearly all the time about small decisions. (Give me a life changing decision and there you go – immediately I’ve made a choice! But coffee or tea causes me troubles…) I was really tired yesterday and today I had a long day of classes. So I was hesitating – would I go out with my brother or not? Of course rationally I knew I needed to stay home and sleep. But deep within (not that deep at all of course) I really wanted to go out one last time before entering the Finals Cage. Then my mother called me and when hearing upon my terrible dilemma, she said: YOLO!

Okay, she didn’t actually say that, it was more like ‘you’re only young once, just do it and if you’re tired tomorrow, then so be it’. Have I ever told you how cool my parents are? So then I decided that screw it, sleep is for the weak. And there I went, fully awake, straight to the bar where the booze was very cheap since they were open once more before the Finals and they needed to get rid of all their drinks. Luckily my brother and his friends didn’t mind me joining them. Later on that evening my best friend also gave in and showed up.

And there it all began. At first there weren’t even that many people. But along the way of course it got crowded as hell since the booze was cheap. We talked a bit, but as the music got louder and the people got more, there wasn’t much possibility to talk and we started dancing. The music was pretty good as well, and surprisingly I always want to dance when hearing good music! It became crowded, it became insanely hot, the floor was sticky. When kicking the floor with you feet, you could something splatter against your leg. Hmmm!

So there I stood, soaking in sweat, with something splattering against my legs and dancing like a fool. I felt awesome. Can you think of anything better than that? It was the best place I could have been at that moment. I used to go out hoping I would meet new people, but now that’s no longer the aim. I want to go out and dance and jump around like a fool until I’m sweaty and sticky and my legs hurt. If I meet new people, cool, but if not, also cool. There’s also come a point where I no longer care how I look when I dance. I don’t want to know either, because it might look ridiculous, but who cares? I’ll be gone last year, and at least I’m having a good time. You know, there are also those people who are just bouncing all night long while looking extremely bored. What’s the point of going out then? I may look like a fool, but you can’t say I’m not liking what I’m doing. Bored is not a word to describe me when going out.

Then I went to the DJ to ask for a song, which he searched for, found and promised to play next. I wanted to declare my love for him at that point. How often do you get that? A DJ who immediately plays the song you asked for? Then everything got even brighter. Not literally of course. As usually I had said to not stay for longer then two hours. As usually I failed. Like I always say though, when it’s fun you have to stay!

Good memories rarely end with ‘And then I woke up completely full of energy and ready for many classes’. I had yolo’ed a little too much, but after a power nap I was fully charged and ready for the day again. And hey, now I’ve got the great memory of an awesome DJ, good music and dancing until I could almost feel the sweat dripping down.

I could do this every day.