In case of nonsense, break rules

(Did I say the sun had returned? I was wrong. It’s been snowing more than ever happened this year now. Sigh.
It could make me go all sad again, but I’m a strong and independent woman so I’m still pretty ok. After all I got the helix, so my life is like complete. I GOT IT. It’s still hard to believe sometimes. I had the guts to do something that is for forever and ever? Seriously? But yes, I did have the guts. Ow yeah.)

I just said my life is complete. Well, that’s not really true. Life can never be complete and perfect and stuff, we all know that, but it can come closer than you thought was possible. If I forget the crappy snow and the running-over-the-same-old-ground (which causes doubts, but nothing worse than that), my life is pretty cool at the moment. School’s going well, I have awesome friends, good music, nice clothes and so on. University seems to be good for me. I realised I no longer feel like very upset or frustrated or sad anymore. I can put thing into perspective, which I believe is very important to become happy, or at least at ease with life.

So, you’d think I live a good life now. Well, think again. One of the things that caused me to be seriously frustrated in high school, was the amount of nonsense we had to swallow all the time. There was nonsense everywhere. Stupid rules, stupid people, stupid subjects. Useless subjects. I mean, I’m interested in quite some things. Even maths and physics. In a measure, that is. As soon as it goes too far, I loose my attention. But okay, that’s just what you deem ‘interesting’. There were a lot of things that

Look at the hair! Look at it! It’s AWESOME.

were completely useless though. We had a subject called ‘religion’, and it was complete bullshit. We didn’t even really talk about religions or something. We talked about Jesus’ anatomy…

Next to that, we got a lot of assignments that lead to nothing at all. You had to spend hours to get them done, and they were so useless… It pissed me off. I can’t stand useless things. Especially during the last year of high school it made me go insane. During that period I started listening to more punk music. Thinking about it now, it seems very logic. Rebelling against the standard.

I thought university would change that, and it sort of did. I firmly believe it’s one of the things that made me happier here: less useless stuff, a destination to go to, not just random walking. I barely have anything to do that doesn’t seem to have use. I’ve got a lot to do, I’ve got a lot of vocabulary to learn, but in the end it will help me to speak Russian and Polish. It all has a reason.

No, not all. Because during these months, we’ve got a course of philosophy…

And we’re starting all over again. Thinking about life is good, too much thinking is useless and demotivating. Especially in combination with difficult words (with way easier synonyms!), it pisses me off to the point of not being able to listen or study this. My brain goes like ‘nope – useless’ and goes running around on green fields in the sun. Seriously. I don’t want to waste time on this… I mean, Internet is often useless as well, but that’s a different kind. Stop following me with obligatory nonsense and I’ll be very happy again. Until that day, you’ll keep seeing me pissed off.

And with a punk haircut. Promised.

As my name starts with an ‘A’, this was my ‘signature’ for when an assignment made no sense.

How do you handle obligatory useless stuff? Do you become a rebel or do you just do what you’ve got to do? Will you scream for anarchy or obey all the rules and swallow it all?