Call me a thief

They called me a thief.

In the distance (sea, salt, flat sky) I saw a ship passing by. The bigger the ship, the more people, the more men. My eyes look further than human eyes ever could do. The silent way of passing by. Itchy fingers and the grey sky. No waves to make you sink and drown. No wind to make you continue either. At my mercy. Have you ever seen water as still as here? Not a single ripple.

The atmosphere, it gets crazy life. I cannot explain how it feels, but if I could, I’d hunt you down. Patience is a lie. I do not know it, and years have passed without handing you over. My fingers itch. I can almost feel my wings moving, but I do not fly.

I wonder where you are now. Are you on the ship? I’ve been searching for you, I’ve brought all those ships down just to see your face, your eyes, to feel your fingers on my skin again, anything. Anything. And the ship comes closer. I stretch out my arms. Wind. Straight to me.

I’ll break your heart
To keep you far from where
All danger starts…

Before they realize, before they know, I attack. The fear in their eyes – their, not yours, not yours – if they are not you, I do not need them. I throw them away, rubbish, waste. Only worth a sting from my most deadly angle, from my vampire teeth. Go away. Where are you?

Where are you?

The men are dead and the ship has sunk and you weren’t there. I’ve spent years looking for you, but not a single boat contained your flesh and bones. Not even your scent or name. Nothing but a thought, the thought that on the next ship, you’ll be there and I’ll find you.

They call me a thief.
They call me a thief…