Young blood

Dear people, I’ve been caught by a new obsession. A TV obsession. I’m not the best at following series, because of the simple fact that I don’t know how to download, and during the week I don’t have a tv. Therefore I don’t often follow anything at all.

The tides turned when The Tudors showed up. Man, what a show. The clothes! The actors! The music! It was haunting, charming, disturbing. It was great. But there’s an end to every nice song, as we say here. Fours seasons after the first episode I was hooked and left behind with nothing. It was over.
Until it returned to the screen. Unfortunately only the first two seasons, but still. I am very grateful for YouTube, because there isn’t much you cannot find there… And that’s how we keep an obsession alive.

But now, even better, a new obsession showed up! And apparently, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s from the same makers as The Tudors.

What could possibly go wrong?

King Henry seems to be born again as Dracula, and then again as the rich American Alexander Grayson. He wants to bring the Order down for killing his beloved wife way back in Rumania. Strangely enough he gets help from doctor Van Helsing, whose family was burned alive before his eyes – by the same Order.
Sounds like a great plan, no? Two broken men against a giant Order that’s ruling stuff ever since 1200 or something.
There’s only one small problem.
Dracula meets his wife again, only this time, she’s a Victorian woman, on the edge of marrying her (tall) boyfriend. She’s a very emancipated woman, studying to become a doctor, which at the time was unusual. Her boyfriend Jonathan Harker (Mina Harker, get it?) doesn’t always seem to approve of his future wife’s ‘hobby’, but they end up getting engaged anyway. He becomes Dracula’s informant, helping him to make him more powerful and ready to crush the Order. Meanwhile there is a female Huntsman trying to find the old vampire to get him killed. She falls for the charming rich American, the first man who played with her while she always used men as toys. She doesn’t realize he’s the vampire she should kill… But the Order gets mistrustful…

And that’s as far as I am now! My expectations were high after having seen the entire Tudors, and I already missed the first episode of Dracula, but still I’m pretty hooked after seeing one particular scene. I immediately fell for the music, the music is so special, and then I got carried away by the drama.
In this scene, Jonathan wants to thank Grayson for everything he did by ‘giving’ him the first dance with Mina. Both Mina and Dracula feel a bit uncomfortable; he knows who she really is, and she feels that he’s not just someone.


Oh, to love someone you can’t get. Oh, to see your love burn and then meet her again centuries later on…! Boohoo.
But seriously, while I’m mostly very rational and sceptical, I couldn’t help but falling in love with this series a bit. It might not be as convincing as The Tudors (yet), but I’m looking forward to the next episode, so I guess it means I have found a new source of inspiration to spam this blog with…