Battered feet mean better days

Because when your feet are battered, it means you used them. So this morning in dance class, I had to admit I sort of abused them. But what does it matter when you got a lot of fun in return?

So what battered my delicate feet? First, my dance classes have started again. I haven’t had one in three months, so it was hard – but good. I missed it, sincerely missed it and now I’m happy again.
Second, I went on a holiday! Yay! I like leaving Belgium behind every now and then, though I have come to realise what a nice country we are to live in. Which doesn’t mean I don’t want to get out. So some friends and I stepped on a plane, really casual, and arrived some hours later in Kiev.
Now that is a great city to visit! They have plenty of churches with walls white as heaven and shiny, shiny gold. The sun was shining bright, so everything looked even better.

Shiny shiny shiny. Source.

Next to that I went to the ballet twice, ate delicious things and overall had a great time. Going to the opera mean going on high heels, by foot. So this battered them even more… But it did make me fit in, because all the Ukrainian girls seem to be pros at wearing high, higher, highest heels. Feels fancy!

This also explains my absence here, but hey, I needed this. Traveling can feel like catharsis, which is the case now.So in case you feel bored, down or frustrated, just batter your feet, and the world will seem bright as a golden tower!