A cool housewive to be

Let me tell you something: the smell of mint tea can be one of the best things ever. Whatever the hour is, or wherever you are – mint tea never gets old. It smells like peace and quiet. We used to have our own mint in the garden, and then we would have real fresh mint tea. That was great.

Good, so far the philosophical rant on tea. You know, time really flies when you are trying to make your life work out. I’ve been here for two weeks now, which is not all that long. The past week I finally bought myself a desk lamp, for when I will actually start to do homework. So far I haven’t had too many classes yet, so not so much homework. So far, that is. I also bought coat hangers. These details, as it seems, can make your life be more like your life, and not like some kind of temporarily state. Because it is for four months. Everything here should feel like it belongs to me when I leave. The city as well. But for someone with my sense of orientation I’m doing a good job, I think! Maybe this is just an easy city or something.

Living here is not bad at all. It already feels quite comfortable. I don’t mind doing things on my own, I don’t even mind not becoming friends with all of my classmates immediately. Maybe that’s because I think it’s very cool that I do this, living abroad like this. It gives me some sort of strong feeling. I’m really doing this! I’m really cooking for myself everyday, I’m doing the dishes, the laundry, I even sewed the broken pocket of my winter coat. All of this sounds like I’m turning into a housewive, but somehow I find myself really cool for just doing it. And for talking Polish and Russian! However slowly it happens to be, I can talk to the people here, I can order food and drinks and I can aks for information. I even follow courses in Polish. Which is very hard and sometimes overwhelming, but still, I’m really doing it. Which is cool.

I start to take great pride in the fact that I speak six languages. Well, that’s exaggerated, because I’m not fluent in six language, but if I have to, I can talk in six languages. And however stupid and discouraging it can be, it proves itself worth it completely.

So me is doing well here 🙂 How are you guys?

You only live twice – if you stay with me during a zombie attack…

We’re close to the end of the big contest made by Le Clown. Soon from now we’ll know who’s on the blogroll after all, and who isn’t. We all fought and battled until the last breath, but it was worth it. It definitely was.

Thanks to this competition, people refer to Le Clown’s blogroll as ‘the blogroll’. It’s more like a concept now. Thanks to the contest, I promised to write a post on why you want me in your team during a zombie attack. You know, it’s not unlikely that there’ll be  zombie attack. We can send strange things to Mars, why couldn’t there be zombies then? But don’t worry, if they’re heading towards us, I’ll help you out!
Stay close to me because…

1. I speak four languages, in the near future six languages, and I can translate Latin. I mean, we don’t know which language they use, right?

2. I’m quite good at laser shooting. That means: if you give me a non-moving zombie, enough time, silence and a laser gun, I’ll hit him. Useful, isn’t it?

3. I’m in a team with Love&Lunchmeat. She’s like necessary during a zombie attack. Read why.

4. I’ve got red eyes and a grizzled skin, which must be very attractive to zombies. No one (except freaks) eat people they find attractive.

5. Being right is my hobby. If they decide to debate with me (should we kill you – yes/no), I’d probably win.

6. You’ve got no idea how hard the noses of pointe shoes are. Weapons, that is what they are, real weapons.
(The trick is to use them as slings.)

Take the pointe shoe by the drawstring. Follow further instructions.

Stay close to me and everything will be fine! If you like my entry on the last call for the blogroll, you’ll be on top of the list of people to help. But be quick! Be very, very quick!

Oh, and thanks.

Versatility- it’s mine!

Today is a happy day, for I have passed my theoretical driving exam. It’s not really the fact of having permission to practise driving now, but above all the fact that I don’t have to bear the cross of shame of not having passed. ‘Cause almost everyone passed. It would have been so … you know. Oh, and it was all for free and arranged. Could it be any better?
YES. It is better than you think, because a few days I also got a Versatility Blog Award! RFB got it once too, but this time it is for me and me alone. I do not know any better to thank Miss Audrey than to say ‘thank you’, so eerm, thank you! (Certainly have a look, she’s a pleasant writer with whom I have some things in common.)
Now,it’s up to me to nominate other blogs. The point is, when RFB got the Award, I already nominated most of you dear readers. Is it allowed to nominate people twice? But anyway, I’ll just nominate you again.
Of course most of you expect it, don’t you? Yes, I’m talking to you, Michael Cargill, Lily in Canada, Mooselicker, Motherventing! You’ve been nominated before. No big deal.
But there are some new ones I really need to award: A Gripping Life, The Hook  and Addie. And oh well, Staggering Genius too, for his (his, right?) good music taste and nice way of writing.
Am I forgetting someone? Am I? Do I even need to mention BrainRants? Like he doesn’t have enough success!
If I really forgot someone, I will discover it, just comment and I’ll apologise eternally and put your name here.

PS: Bitter is of course nominated too, but for the moment she is too busy to post. Still.

I almost forgot that I have to tell you seven random things about myself! Okay, consider what I said up above (look at it. now.) is number 1

2. I could eat French fries (that are Belgian, can’t repeat that enough!) all day long.

3. Even in combination with pina colada.

4. I mostly wear black, but it even bores me. Point is, I have a specific taste. I have told you about this, in the ‘How to judge in a second’ post. That’s what I do: ‘No’.

5. Sometimes, which is very often, I like animals more than people. And when they tell me about war, and I hear that even animals died, then you really hurt me. (I’m such a loner…)

6. I can speak four languages: Dutch, French, English, and German (let’s say I can speak German, although it’s not fluent.) Now you have to tell me which languages all of you speak. That’s an order.

7. I often have the idea people have the wrong idea of me. If you understand. How do you see me? I believe that my classmates see me as a rather silent, vain girl with weird ideas. I don’t think that that is entirely correct. But who am I to judge? I don’t even know myself.

Satisfied now? I may hope so, and congrats with the Great Award!