Time will kill us

Time will kill us,
Leave our skulls battered,
Shattered all over this floor.
It crushes my ribcage
When I walk, when I talk,
Eats at my fingers, it lingers,
Threatens to kill me
Each time I go to sleep.
Time will tell
When to part, when to leave,
When to bury me underneath
Sweet moments, silver seconds
That faded – so do we.
I think I dug our grave. A tomb
That is sealed and silenced,
In some place only we know.

You poison me – I let you.
I’m losing nonetheless.
But there I go, sleeping
By his side – quite fearless.
There will be time tonight.
And we’ll pull back our bones,
Our skin, what’s left
To fight. But in the end I’ll still beg
For this sweet, sweet cyanide.

Oh the drama, don’t you love it. It’s been a long time since I wrote something creative, but time has become my biggest enemy and from time to time I need to make a lot of drama. That’s how I function. To give you an idea about my reason of writing, it’s not about death or dying, but more about parting… Though you may of course read it the way you want. There is a small chance I’ll be working on this some more, but you’ll notice then.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Summer’s day or Winter’s night?

Shall I compare thee to a winter’s night?
When bats are flying
Vampires biting
The world remains in silence
And you decide to leave
There you go
With your burning candles
Through my garden of snow
To never return no more
Shall I compare thee to the winter’s night
When the world remained in silence
And you left

Ever raped Shakespeare? Great source of inspiration, I must admit. About a year ago, I felt a little bored and I started thinking about his poems somehow and then I did this cruel deed of ruining his most famous poem. I know, I know. I couldn’t help making this one up, it just happened, and maybe it’s not even good.
Still, copyright’s mine.