Pitfall of journalism

Media are very imortant for our vision on things. They often show things we never thought of, or they deceive us and no one will notice. That is dangerous. Really dangerous. Therefor we have to be alert. Let me give an example. I was reading a really small article in the so called sister magazine of American Scientific (something like that). From such a scientific magazine you would expect that they try to be as correct as possible, and that they see through the pitfalls.
The article was about a sort of camera that could track hooligans. There was a picture underneath the title, and it looked more or less like this one:

It wasn’t the same, but close.
Now I ask you: what does this picture have to do with the article?
Answer: nothing!
But unknowingly you will see it, try to link it to the article and conclude that the picture must be put there, because it shows people on a metal concert. Probably a metal concert, because they do this hand move that was introduced in the metal world by Dio and then often used at metal  concerts etc, although lots of people use it now. So: these are people at a metal concert, and that is the only ‘special’ thing about them so that must mean that people at a metal concert are hooligans.

I hope you see that this way of thinking is not right. But it’s not your fault because there’s a great chance that you won’t even notice that you’re doing it! It’s a stupid idea though that people who go to metal concerts are hooligans. Probably they are good people, and they’re innocent untill someone can prove they are in fact criminals! When you see someone like on the picture after reading the article, you’ll probably have something in your mind whispering:…hooligan….. You can’t remember why you would think that, but then you say it’s your intuition and you should always trust that feeling and so on… But it’s not your intuition! It was the pitfall of journalism!

It was quite disappointing that such a magazine had been deceiving us and blaming innocent people like that. It was not fair. Keep in mind that media are not alway right, and give everyone a chance before judging, because even intuition can be betrayed!