A few years ago I bought a book on Polaroid pictures. It was at the time I was really interested in photography, which I still am, but not as much as I used to be. The problem is that everyone can take a picture and it can look good. Where’s the line between a pro and someone who’s just Instagramming food?
But that’s a discussion for some other time.
There was one picture in this book that really struck me. At first sight it might just be a woman, holding her hands against her face. There was something though, that made me keep on looking. In the beginning she seemed old to me, because she had this attitude I can’t really explain. It’s probably a sort of wisdom she carries out. A closer look made clear that she’s not that old at all, and she might be Indian.
And something in this picture seems to show there’s an entire world behind this, a story, a past. Not many pictures have this effect, but this one does. I immediatly liked this woman; she seems to be wise but worried at the same time. Unfortunately I couldn’t find more information on who she is, but I did find out that William Ropp is a really good photographer.

Micha Ropp