Three toughest books I’ve ever read

1. The Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco

This novel was meant to look like a medieval document, and I must say the author, Umberto Eco, succeeded. Like, very well. That’s really impressive, but it does make this book at times hard to read. Eternal descriptions of a church, or endless discussions on ‘did Jesus laugh or not?’ are a great part of this book. Plus: people are killed, and you’d better be not too sensitive for the vivid descriptions of the corpses. But overall the story is interesting, a decent thriller. You would never guess the ending! And that’s what keeps you going. So if you know how to skip or read quickly over certain parts in a book and you like thrillers, then go for it. I never regretted reading this, not at all. And when you say you have read this, you will immediately gain the respect of those who know this book. It’s like becoming a part of the Elite That’s Read This Book. All you need is some stamina. Good luck!

2. Crime and Punishment – Dostoyevsky

As someone studying Russian, this is real blasphemy. This semester (but actually that means three months) I had to read ten Russian books. Translated, yes. But still. I started with this one, and set a deadline for when I had to finish it. But it was a struggle to finish these 600 pages… The perseverance was gone after this. The initial idea of this book is very interesting though: a student kills a woman, a pawnbroker, so that he can continue his studies and his mother and sister will have a better life. But he starts to feel guilty… Very interesting, but to fill such a giant book with just this? It ends up being like this: guy kills two women, gets away, fever, fever, talking about God, fever, God, God, guilt, sister, fever, punishment.
I was so glad when I finished this book… If you are more like me and like stories that are to the point, I’d suggest you read Father and Sons. That was a good Russian book, one of my favourites so far.

3. We didn’t mean to go to sea – Someone who should be forbidden to write

I had to read this book for my English class, and after that I had to resume it in three minutes. The point is, how are you going to resume a book in which nothing happens? Here’s what happens: a few children, overly attached to their parents, end up on a boat, and o lord, there are no adults around when the boat leaves, and o god, they’re heading for the sea… But they promised not to go there! O my! So they sail on… And on… And on… O look, a cat, floating on the sea! And they sail on… And on… And on… Until someone they knows enters the boat and brings them home.
Such a happy end.
So little happens that I was totally focusing on talking for three minutes, and then I even forgot about the cat… I never found out what grade I got for this assignment, but I hope it was a good one ’cause I read this damn dull book ’till the end.

Luckily there are still good books as well, and what gift is better for a poor, bored student than a free book? So thanks again to Michael Cargill for helping me retaining my sanity. Though I had read these stories before, I was still pleasantly surprised by how good they are. Recommend much!


What tough books have you read? Were they worth it?

We’re having a picnik and you’re invited!

Looks pretty Belgian.

A few nights ago, when I didn’t fall asleep immediately, I started thinking about how mind blowing great it would be to meet each other in real life. As Motherventing is planning a trip to Belgium (pretty pretty Belgium) I suggest you come over here somewhere during the summer. Maybe, if the weather gods have mercy, we’ll see a ray of sun broken by the trees. We could have a picnic in one of the parks in Brussels or in Antwerp,as you please. Imagine us sitting there, surrounded by greenness and a blue sky and a sun shining heavily! If everyone would take something with him/her, then we can have a great picnic. Lisa being a mother, could for example bring some food in a picnic basket, and a blanket to spread out on the ground. There we would sit all together, eating pancakes (who will bring the pancakes? Addie?) and strawberries, and melon at whatever you eat when picnicking. Michael would of course bring his books, with signature. Lily could bring her great sense of judging and her contagious smile, Mooselicker should certainly explain that game of his even better so we can play it. Audrey, do you mind bringing your poetic thoughts and reflections upon life?
Oh, and then we’d walk around and I would tell you all I know about the Belgian beer (please do not try to say that Heineken is Belgian. it’s not true. we’ve got better beer. more beer. oh, like we’ve got beer!). We have a very tasty, pink, light beer that tastes like heaven when it’s warm. And we’ve got plenty of other kinds of beer, for the heavy guys we’ve got heavy beer. And the chocolate is everything you’ve imagined. If you haven’t tasted Belgian chocolate, you haven’t tasted chocolate at all.
Plenty of things to visit too! We have a thing we call the Atomium, but it’s known better as the Belgian Balls. We also offer you a little statue of a little guy peeing. Belgian pride. And old buildings, you’ve never seen old buildings if you haven’t seen ours. The shopping street of Antwerp is widely known and appreciated. If you all turn out to be the most trustworthy people ever, I might even invite you over at my place, and we can watch a movie together (OR we go to a cinema – to the movies, for the American friends).

Oh, the fun we’d have.
When imagining it, I want to organise this so badly!

For the ones I haven’t mentioned: enroll yourself by commenting below and telling what you will take to this picnic!

Oh, and don’t forget to pick a date. (Date as in day, not (wo)man you’re interested in. This picnic is for bloggers only!)

Liebster Blog Award ended up here!

What’s that…?
That is the Liebster Blog Award! Oh yes, my dears, this blog’s been nominated by Becoming Bitter, a fantastic death eater girl, and Michael Cargill, a fantastic bald guy. *kiss*

In order to officially get this award, I must nominate other people/blogs. So let’s see. Who deserves to get forced to put a heart on his/her blog?
(A heart. A red one. With the word ‘liebster’ in front of it, which means dearest. Oh yeah!)
Let’s see. I suspect you all from visiting this blogs already, but still.

Sparklebumps – because she sparkles, duh. She deserves the heart because she is so amusing.
Mooselicker – because he licks mooses… and next to that, he can write a long and funny post about trite things. Such a talent.
Motherventing – she’s the mother of a child and a blog, which she combines in the best way.
Brainrants – army male whose site uses only free-range, organic electrons- what do you want more? He never runs out of inspiration. He’ll make you laugh out loud.
Breezyk – somehow, she seems to be like us. A bit different, though, so go and check her blog.
Lily in Canada – she doesn’t really like to be there, but it’s a source of great posts.

That’s it, people! Let’s drink something to this wonderful experience. Cheers!

Slaughter in Barnaby Close

What the hell happened to my post? I had written it completely and nothing is left!! Now I’m quite angry.

Okay. This post was about a short horror story, Slaughter in Barnaby Close, written by Michal Cargill. (His third mention here, oh yes. I feel like I’m repeating myself every time) It’s scary and slightly funny at the same time. Like sometimes you feel like laughing, but you don’t dare…. Because it’s a horror story. A real one. But don’t be afraid, we proof-read it, and we survived (though I don’t sleep anymore….*cough*)! It won’t take too long to read it, but it will be worth your time anyway!

So take a seat, check the corners of your room, lighten a lamp and read!

*hopefully this time it’s published… the first version of this was so much better*

Add this to your vocabulary

I already talked about things you shouldn’t say, logic sequel is things you should say.
That’s quite obvious.
Then what is that thing? It’s this:
Full-on Rambo mode

I think you can define it with ‘really alert and ready to jump on anything that moves’. But when you like it more precise, then take a look here.

Thanks to our dear friend Michael, who produces the weirdest stories about random things (if I may promote ourselves too).