Berlin, Helen and Sober: no link at all, but okay

Have you missed me, people? Have you noticed that I was so silent this week?
(Hopefully you have…)

I’ve been off for a few days, visiting the great city of Berlin. I’m not used to being offline for so long, which is quite sad, but okay. Berlin is a very nice city by the way, and the people there are great at monuments. I’d surely recommand it!

To say one more thing about Sober and Helen, here are their sources:

I have no idea if you care about the stuff that inspired me, but I just want to tell you. I like these songs, and one of the points of blogging is sharing what you like, right?

When I heard Helena for the first time, it immediately made me think of Helen of Troy. Helena is the Dutch variant of Helen, maybe that’s why… Either way, I have stolen quotes from these songs, so it’s quite fair to pay a little tribute.