Life Choice # 2 : Mozart or Skrillex?

Because when having to decide upon something, you might want to hear some opinions.

You might have seen it already, but on YouTube there’s this channel doing all sorts of epic rap battles. They’re truly epic – all kinds of people are brought up and the lyrics are hilarious. I stumbled upon this one: the clash between Mozart and Skrillex. So the question is: who came up with the best lyrics?
Besides that, who came up with the best music? Personally I must admit Skrillex can be acceptable at certain kinds of parties, but I’d never listen to it voluntarily. Mozart though was a true genius, and his music is still great even now. You might have noticed already I kind of like classical music every now and then… Isn’t that special? The way it still survives? I believe so.

So I’d pick Mozart. Certainly when watching that last move he does in this video.

Who do you choose?