I present you: Art

Currently no great spectacular news, though I completely nailed my computer stuff exam!, so I present you art.
Two summers ago I was in Madrid with some friends. We basically went from museum to museum, but that was okay, because it was bloody hot outside. One time we were in a museum where that was an exposition of Hopper running. One of my friends wanted to visit it, and I decided to accompany her. Good thing she wanted to see it, because it was great! Hopper’s art is very clear and calm. It’s simple in a strong way. Almost every painting has this sense of emptiness. Not just because there isn’t much present, but because of the atmosphere. I liked that. Life is already complicated enough, isn’t it?
His most famous painting is Nighthawks. I wouldn’t mind having that hanging on my wall… (Though having a famous painting probably gives a lot of stress and costs millions for just the insurance. I’ll go for the replica.)