Why my holiday sucks…

– I don’t have a job for this summer.

– So I feel like I can’t do anything fun because everything costs money.

– But everyone is doing fun stuff like festivals and trips abroad.

– My friends go to Poland. POLAND. And I can’t come with them because I have no job. And I’m the one studying Polish. Irony.

– Because I got the mail saying I don’t have a job while I was studying for an exam, I failed it.

– And I have to do it again, but it will take some weeks to find out when exactly.

– Talking to my friends would mean listening to their descriptions of the nice stuff they’ve done and the work they’re doing (which I understand, but it’s too painful to listen to).

– So basically my holiday looks like this: sitting at home and thinking of what a goddamn shitty holiday this is.

Fuck my life.