Sochi, And The Sport You Might Not Know

I don’t know how, I don’t know why. A sports fanatic I’m surely not, you all know I’m obsessed by anything dance, above all ballet.


There’s a but.

Because when the Olympic Games are happening, I am for sure following. I don’t know any name, I barely know anything about the discipline probably, but I’m following. On tv, or on live stream, which I’ve now discovered. Somehow, it’s impossible to turn it off. As soon as I’m home, I put on the live stream and see what’s going on. Though I know so little about all sports, it’s actually very interesting. Especially the Winter Games have a lot of sports I haven’t even heard of. Mogul skiing? Skeleton? Biathlon?

For your information – mogul skiing is skiing on a bumpy slope, including some jumps that could break your neck when your landing goes wrong. Skeleton is done on a luge, with face forward. Biathlon is cross-country skiing (I would call it ‘upwards skiing’) in combination with shooting. All of these sports throw interesting questions on how they actually became a sport, and how they became an official Olympics sport. I have to admit though, that the winter sports are a bit bonkers and unknown. But don’t get me wrong, I love it. I’m a skier myself and I adore it. Thanks to these Games I can still enjoy the skiing somehow – last week is having a sort of revival. Just like I’m still wearing my skiing jacket to get the feeling back. Because there’s nothing better than a good slope.

The downside of this all is that I’m hooked, the live stream is always on though I’m not even always watching. Maybe it’s the fear of missing out. It seems like I get nothing done because it’s the games and I have to watch, or at least, listen. I seem to be slightly obsessed while throughout the year I don’t care about these sports. How is it possible that I’m taped too my screen? I want to be where the people are; I guess I assume everyone’s following the Games and that’s why I can’t turn it off.

Another upside: it makes me a little expert in unknown sports. “He totally nailed that 360 in the half-pipe snowboarding!”

As you know, the Games have not always been like they are now. Sports have been added and deleted from the official list. Ice dancing is one of the oldest disciplines, free style skiing on of the youngest I believe. there is one sport though that you will probably not know. It used to be a Olympics sport though, as odd as it may seem. Can you guess what it is?

Try again!


It’s ski ballet.

I kid you not. It seems like a joke, but there’s footage, very serious footage of this below! (Im’ sure I looked less impressive on the slope…)

Thanks to Pointe Magazine.

Dance Day # 3: Every four years, sadness

The Games are over, we all sob and cry because of this loss. Suddenly there’s too much time to do other stuff. Something is not right – where’s the Aquatic Centre gone? Why can’t we see rhythmic gymnastics anymore? Where’s the hymns?
We all feel how it hurts, how clueless life has become. Fortunately, there are ways to get over your grief. Try to make a painting that shows your grief, talk with a psychologist, or dance around the house or street randomly. Nothing can cure wounds as much as random dancing. Trust me. Have you ever got the feeling you should dance to this or that song? Never resist that urge. Never ever just sit down while actually you want to move like a fool.

There’s one song that always makes me jump up and go insane. You might remember this group playing at the opening ceremony of our deplored Games. They didn’t play this song, and that’s just a shame.

Need an example to see what random dancing can be like? Here you go – Lykke Li dancing around a restaurant to fight off sadness. Her dress is amazing by the way. I don’t love this song in particular, but I like the video. It’s really artistic and beautiful.

Dance the pain away, people. You’ll see it works.

Want to see more Dance Days? It has its own category – check on the right!

Every year, beautiful bodies

That should be every FOUR years of course, but can’t change it anymore… Damn.

If you’re searching for nice, partially naked bodies to watch without being ashamed about it, just watch the Games. Maybe you watch them especially for the bodies. Either way, here’s a little guide for those who like tasty meat:

The Men:

Watch! Gymnastics. Yes. Especially if you go for the shoulders. Those little suits are really tight and show enough muscles to charm you. Those who dangle at the rings have really impressive shoulders. If you think that is too much, watch the other guys, less muscles but still… Still… Ahh.

Disappointing. Those swimmers are so well-built, but how disappointing to watch them swim! They enter is oversized jackets, goggles and what I call a bath hat. They jump in the water. They swim. You see nothing but their waving arms and their bath hats going up and down and maybe a piece of their back or belly. Only when they get out of the water, the fun starts… Their bodies are AWESOME. Very nice. As we say, a ‘caress for the eye’. But you have to wait until the competition’s over. Timing is everything.

Don’t watch! Equestrian wipes out every difference between men and women. Watch this only if you like horses or androgyny.

Man? Woman? Who will tell?

The Women:

Watch! The obligatory uniform for beach volley is the bikini, plus, they are athletes so they are very streamlined. Nice.

Disappointing. Yes, gymnastic’s area is filled with young girls, but some of them look like children, and their robot moves are not very charming. I mean, they do incredible things, but they lack emotions. A smile on a gymnast’s face is rather unique. Combined with those curt, sharp moves, this is rather disappointing. And those hands… Always so… cramped.


Don’t watch! Swimming women wear bath suits that cover up everything feminine, their shoulders are really muscular… I can imagine that men are most likely to be scared of women who are obviously stronger than they are. So I would not recommend watching these competitions.

Enjoy the Games everyone!

Every four years, patriotism

Once every four years, I’m a really interested in sports like hockey and rowing and stuff like that. Yes, every four years I spend too much time watching tv and feeling like all the world is one big family. That’s what makes the Games so special: the entire world is watching, and it feels cosy. Of course we all just one the first place for ourselves, but even then it’s a cosy feeling. And suddenly, you become an expert in a certain sport you don’t even do yourself. The grades of gymnastics is no longer a mysterious number for me, and I can easily say if a dismount was good or bad.

Gaelle Mys doing incredible things during the qualifications of gymnastics. She’s not made the finals. *sob*

It all started four years ago for me. I was fourteen then, I had never really cared about the Games because I didn’t really know what it was. But four years ago, I was hooked. Suddenly there was platform diving (Google translate product… if it’s the wrong name, please let me know) on tv. Suddenly unknown Belgian talents appeared and we won medals! Belgium is quite a divided country. Three languages are spoken here, and next to that there’s a great difference between the attitudes of mind. But on two occasions, we are real Belgians: when we’re abroad, and when there’s a great sports event going on with booming Belgians. The no one cares about language at all. All Belgian athletes battle for all of us. If one of them wins, we’ll say that ‘we’ have a medal. Which is slightly unfair for the athletes, but okay.

Row, row, row your boat… This man was kick-ass!

Because of my joy four years ago, I couldn’t ignore the Games now either. I’ve seen the opening ceremony though I wasn’t at home. I’ve seen a few Belgian people now, going from badminton to hockey to table-tennis and so on. The man who represented us in the table-tennis competition had his seventh Games now. Imagine! Unfortunately, we’re mostly not good enough to win a medal, but at least we defend ourselves. Our hockey ladies had their first Olympic battle against the Dutch hockey ladies, who won gold in China… Plus: all of them are still studying. They’re no full-time hockiers and yet they almost survived the first part of the game without a Dutch goal… (Until right before the break the Dutchies suddenly scored a goal.)

The burden of at least 112 kg… He ended up on the twelfth place.

I mean, we’re not always the top of the top, but we won’t let ourselves be easily beaten. And for that, I want to honour all our dear Belgian athletes!
Oh, and in a few days, I’ll be going on a holiday with friends. WHY on earth are we traveling NOW? What was I thinking? What the hell was I thinking?

What sports are you following? You do follow the Games, right? Which athletes are defending your country’s honour? Babble to me, dears. Let it go!