The Final Episode

After writing that last post, the overview of the failed love story, I realized that I had not returned to peace like I had claimed. The more I thought about it, the angrier I still got. And I knew that this had to end. I had to do something in order to let it go. Because honestly, this was not good. At all.
So I gathered my courage and send him a message, in which I explained that in my eyes he had done exactly what he had told me he wouldn’t do, namely ignoring me. And therefore I no longer felt the need to follow his life on Facebook.

Yes, we were still “friends” on Facebook.

Then I deleted him. It was terrifying. I knew I had sent a pretty okay message, I didn’t insult him, I just said what I thought. Short and dry. But still, I didn’t know what was about to come and I was a little scared.

Today I read his response. He said that that was fair and then explained that shortly after our night together, another girl had given him a chance, and he had liked this girl for a long time already. Then he got really busy and after that no longer knew how to bring it up to me, so he decided to take a safe bet of ignoring me. I wouldn’t call it that safe though, because I was pretty outraged. But okay. He admitted that it was cowardly and wished me all the best.

There we’ve got it. An explanation at last. After I had read that message, I realized that I needed that so hard. I needed to know why I was left behind just like that because I couldn’t believe that he just wanted to use me for sex. But here it is. Reasons.

I then responded that that explained it, that I hoped things turned out fine with the other girl and I wished him all the best as well.

We then wished each other good luck with the finals and that was it.

I finally got my real end, my final post about it. It feels like a relief now. I got my explanation, I got my peace of mind again. Of course I should have done this ages ago, but I don’t think I could have done it a month ago. I needed all three months to send this message, but I did it, thank god.

So now I’m really back to peace. Doesn’t this seem a glorious reason for champagne, anyone? 😉

No, I don't need revenge anymore... But this was too brilliant to leave unposted!

No, I don’t need revenge anymore… But this was too brilliant to leave unposted!


Peace is lying down, all day long, on a fluffy blanket. It’s reaching out as far as you can and feel your muscles stretch. It’s a ray of sun on your belly, or hands, or even the slight touch of an ear listening to your heart beat. Slowly lifting your head, then noticing that the day’s not over, there’s no food yet, nothing to wake up for. So you lie back down and enjoy the comfortable position you’re in. Peace is scratching that itchy place behind your ear before you fall asleep again. Sleeping it is, for the rest of the day, the rest of the week, the rest of the year for that matter. When this place is no longer enough, you can search for a new place. A chair, for example. A bed, if you see an open door by accident. Even the floor will do. Especially when it’s warm, the cool floor is amazingly nice.

Peace is watching your people sit, walk around, eat. When they’re all there, it’s all good. Nothing will happen, food will be there. You can roll over, stretch your paws in the air and sleep. Feeling your eyes slowly closing and obeying this gravity.

Life is good.

Life is good.

I’m so jealous of our cat…


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