A few years ago I bought a book on Polaroid pictures. It was at the time I was really interested in photography, which I still am, but not as much as I used to be. The problem is that everyone can take a picture and it can look good. Where’s the line between a pro and someone who’s just Instagramming food?
But that’s a discussion for some other time.
There was one picture in this book that really struck me. At first sight it might just be a woman, holding her hands against her face. There was something though, that made me keep on looking. In the beginning she seemed old to me, because she had this attitude I can’t really explain. It’s probably a sort of wisdom she carries out. A closer look made clear that she’s not that old at all, and she might be Indian.
And something in this picture seems to show there’s an entire world behind this, a story, a past. Not many pictures have this effect, but this one does. I immediatly liked this woman; she seems to be wise but worried at the same time. Unfortunately I couldn’t find more information on who she is, but I did find out that William Ropp is a really good photographer.

Micha Ropp

Magic lights

Yesterday, when it was slowly getting darker, I stood in our kitchen, leaned out of the window to enjoy the wind and looked to the right. Then I saw a garden, decorated with these coloured lights. It looked so cosy and nice, really a place you’d like to spend many warm evenings.It reminded me of this picture by Tim Walker. He’s a great photographer, always creating fairytale worlds. And this specific atmosphere is so promising and soothing and I would like to be in such a place right now.  Just at ease, with a glass of wine and friends all around and the feeling that magic is going to happen!

Tim Walker - Dresses

Would the world be better in black and white?

By Annemarieke van Drimmelen.

To make your day (2)

It’s a lazy Sunday, the only day in a year that you can sleep longer and not feel guilty. At least, if you do have a conscience. For nothing is about to happen today, I’ll give you some pictures from Albert Watson. Another post to make your day.

Christy Turlington, the lady on the picture, hates this photo because her father died of lung cancer, I read. I feel no need to encourage smoking, but smoke can be aesthetic. Like here.

Babies in flower pots

Two babies, sitting in lettuce, with their heads covered in a piece of lettuce. You might wonder what I am saying, but that was just a description of a poster in our classroom. One from famous Anne Geddes. You know, that woman who pictures babies in the weirdest ways. I mean, what’s cute about a baby sitting in a lettuce? In fact, I find it a little perverse.
And would you be happy if your child would be dressed up as a rabbit and be exposed to the world? Or imagine that you’re an adult and you’re that kid looking like a snail on a poster.
“So, you were a model as a child?”
“Yes, look, this is me sleeping in a tulip.”
“Oh, and that’s you dressed up as a sunflower?”

Maybe it’s due to the fact that I don’t really like babies that I can’t find any pleasure in seeing this. Okay, I was a baby once too, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I won’t some, later. Don’t shoot me for that. There’s a great chance that I will change my mind in a few years.

Back on topic. Are you in favour of babies in flower pots?

Twisted beauty of Anastasia

Anastasia, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, 1994.

For me, this is a great picture. It has the whole story of Anastasia Romanov captured in it. At least, I think it’s about her :). You can see it the way you like. But the mix of vulnerability, the ‘mask’, the hair, the shoulder,… It all fits.
Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin are famous photographers. They always seem to show something beautiful, but at the same time edgy, not right, somehow twisted. As far as I know, of course. I like their work a lot, because they can give you the feeling there’s something not right although you don’t know what it is. One look is enough for you to feel a bit uncomfortable, and at the same time you just want to look at it. Attractive and a little repellent, beauty with a rough border.
To know more about Anastasia Romanov’s story: watch this. Or look at Wikipedia, but right information can never be ensured.
For more Inez and Vinoodh: this might just be your place to be.