Running over the same old ground…

For those who know where to look, my stories are sprinkled over this blog. You should be able to reconstruct everything that’s happened by reading it all the right way. I’d love to tell the entire story as it is, clearly, without vagueness. But to protect other people’s privacy and my own, I can’t do that. Sometimes, when randomly rereading parts of my diary, I realize how strangely interwoven everything can be, and how weird overall. You wouldn’t make this kind of things up, I believe. Especially I wouldn’t, because no one died ;).

And now I’m at home while I should be in class, because I’ve got a headache (ouch ouch), and I’m thinking about my crappy life. No, that’s not true. My life isn’t crappy. Though we’re running over the same old ground again. But I’m smarter now and I know what to expect – nothing. It’s a lot easier to be happy when you are sure about what to expect. No more begging for what’s lost, I once wrote. Soon everything will be just like before… Unless life decides to fool me again. I know I won’t resist, but all along, what does it matter?

I will get rid of the headache and somehow, everything will turn out right. Maybe it’s all come to an end already. The future will tell, and perhaps one day I’ll tell you the entire story.