A supernatural thing going on

Dear readers, I start to believe I’ve got supernatural powers. Strange things are happening, and I can but explain them by presuming something supernatural. There are too many things to sum up here, but there are a few I’d like to tell you about. Feel free to give your view on all of this…

Okay, here we go. Sunday. A very normal, calm, lazy day. I was studying for my upcoming test by doing excercices on the Internet. Those exercices demanded words typed in Polish, so I installed the Polish keyboard and used it. But then, completely out of the blue and with no reason at all, I couldn’t change it into a regular Dutch keyboard anymore. Like it was stuck or something. At that point, I was able to use the Polish keyboard, but my family isn’t, and as the computer I was using is our so called ‘general computer’, so it was quite freaky… We shut the thing down, did another startup, and then, again out of the blue and with no reason at all, he knew the Dutch keyboard, and the US one, but not the Polish one…

A very, very weird thing.

Later on, I was randomly walking through our hallway, but it was getting dark already, so I wanted to turn the light on. I touched the button and-BAM. Darkness. That’s exactly the opposite if what I tried to do when touching the light button, right?

A very weird thing as well.

Yesterdat, then. I wanted to use the Internet, because I sometimes like to mess aroung there, every now and then. But if I want to use the Internet here, I have to log in somewhere. So I tried to log in, and he said: Log in NOT succeeded. In red letters. Ouch. Maybe, I thought, my password was wrong. So I tried again, but: Log in NOT succeeded. Okay… I thought. I knew someone else here had some problems with Internet as well, but unfortunately she couldn’t help me. Luckily there was another person with problems as well, and he came to take a look at my dramatical absence of Internet, and he solved it.

Apparently, I was logged in somewhere, but I’ve got no idea where that could have been. Either way, I had to log out before I could log in.

Weird things are happening. I have the feeling I’ve got electricity or something running through my veins, powers that men could only dream of…

But apparently I’m using them wrongly :).