Dressed to kill (and dance)

I’m sorry that I’m unable to comment on your posts now, but I’m busy as hell. (Like I ever say I’m not busy at all…)
But you know, it takes time to find a prom dress… Oh yes, it’s prom time here! But prom here is somewhat different than you might think. It sounds chique and classy, but in fact it’s just like a normal party. There’s bad music but the drinks are cheaper than in an other disco. Sounds good, hm? But believe me, when drinks are cheap (or for free), there’ll be problems. After having been to Italy with people from my age, I know that drinks should not even be cheap. Expensive stuff will do as well.

BUT, vey important, what to wear to the prom? Last year, I had this amazing dress with see-through pieces, which made it sexy without being slutty. (That’s what I believe at least!) Pictures had been taken so it’s more or less impossible to wear the same dress. Not that anyone remembers what I wore, but they could recognize it. The horror! It took me three days of shopping before I found something good. Three days. Seriously.
But it’s not as simple as it might seem. You know, it has to be an evening dress, something you wear to go clubbing, it can’t be too expensive, it has to be a dress you can still wear after the prom stuff, and above all, it has to be pretty. Have I told you already that today’s fashion isn’t my choice? There’s also the problem of all those fancy cheap dresses in satin… You can find them in quite a lot of shops that respect my budget. But they look incredibly cheap. It’s just the fabric and the cut that makes them look so damn cheap.
Those dresses weren’t an option. I was looking for something sophisticated that would blow everyone away. Do you know that feeling like ‘this is it’? Not necessarily for clothes only. Have you ever seen something, worn something, held something that gave you the feeling that it was absolutely perfect and fitting and amazing? I was searching for that experience. The sky is the limit.
Luckily my mother and I went shopping again yesterday, and I tried on three dresses. The first one was a lace one. It didn’t look bad, but the shoulders didn’t fit. I have quite ‘broad’ shoulders for my size. The next dress suffered from the same problem.

But then.

Then I tried on a black dress that had a slight touch of my Chanel clothes. It looked sophisticated, classy and sexy at the same time. A woman that was sitting there, whose daughter was trying on clothes too, told me that that dress was better than the ones before. In the end, my mother and I decided to choose that last dress, because it was the one that taped all the eyes of the present men on me. The eyes of men are a sort of measurer for clothes.

I guess you want pictures now (let me believe that you do), and you’ll get them… Once.

It's not this dress, for the obvious reasons.