The Road to Fame in Six Songs

Do you know where the road to fame is? Let me tell you- it’s over at Running on Sober! There is a series running (hah, no pun intended) where every week two people pick six songs that fit their lives. Kind of. Either way, I volunteered and today my fame can rise! (Is that what fame does?) I promise you two things: you will get to know even more about me (yes, that’s still possible) and you will have six songs that I have picked. As if this blog doesn’t have enough music already. But you know, it’s an interesting idea of course! And if you’re not interested in me anymore, than you can still check it out for this week’s other guest, Laurie. To quote the post, we’re both fabulous, smart, fearless and classy. Not my words – but I do like them!

So, in short, check it out HERE.