Evolution or No Evolution – is that even a question…

A while ago I stumbled upon a video which claimed to prove that evolution is real, or at least very likely. I decided to watch it, because though I do believe evolution is real, I don’t know any prove for it. Which might be good since I’m a firm believer. The video is not very long and explains it very well. You don’t have to be a science major to understand it. Clearly, since I am not one of those either. It’s interesting to watch.


As always I did what you should not do on Youtube: I scrolled down to read the comments. I picked out two completely different ones to show the contrast:
Evolution is a silly science fiction fairy-tale told by atheists in a sorry attempt to replace the true eternal word of GOD. All of the alleged so called evidence is imagined and can never be demonstrated or proven by visual assessment. They use their uncontrolled imaginations and delusions as their source of evidence.
If there IS a god of some kind then he obviously HATES humans, animals and the earth itself. Killing and suffering are non-stop on this planet, and have been for hundreds of millions of years. What kind of a cackling sadistic shithead would create such a world?
Obviously the first one comes from a creationist, the second one from an atheist. Now let’s take a closer look at both of them. The first person claims that evolution is the effect of imagination. He says it is ‘so called evidence’. Which I find pretty ironic seeing that the video does give a very good explanation as to why evolution is the most likely option. He also claims that this is all but an excuse to replace the true word of God. The scientist in the video states he believes in God as well. To me it doesn’t seem to be a thing of proving that God doesn’t exist. It’s about proving evolution is real.
The second comment is the opposite. I do agree for a part. If people really believe that God exists and created us the way we are today, then why did he make us such cruel creatures? He wants us to be good and forgiving, but if he’s so almighty then why did he give us evil? Isn’t it highly unlikely that someone  who created everything the way it is now would be happy with the result?
I also started looking around on Google to know more. And that is the moment where I got here. Someone asked if evolution is real. Someone answered in what seems a very logical and clear way. I think this part of one of the answers is something very interesting to keep in mind while talking about this topic:
A scientific theory is quite different from a fact. A theory doesn’t say THAT something happens (so the creationists are wrong here too), but attempts to explain HOW something happens. For example, the theory of gravity doesn’t say THAT gravity happens (we can see that much without any theory), but attempts to explain HOW gravity happens. Why do all massive objects exert a gravitational pull on each other? That’s what the theory of gravity seeks to answer.
The person saying this does believe evolution is real. Then there were other comments, like this one:
No, evolution is completely false. Although it doesn’t seam like it, but there really is not a single piece of evidence to support it. Scientists (BTW, creationists can be scientist too and some of the world’s greatest inventions were created by creationists (its all there, just search it)) who believe in evolution, when they see certain things, tend to just make the wrong types of assumption.
The typo there is not mine but his. Just sayin’.
Also this comment:
Absolutely not. Do you really believe we evolved from monkey’s or gorillas? (…) Is evolution logic? lets be honest. It is more logical for there to be a God than it is for us to form from a bunch of mollocules, or rain, or rock. and so on and so forth. (..) Not everything is meant for us to understand, but I know that God is real.
This was followed by the encouraging to read the Bible.
Of course.
But you see, this is the thing I hate. This girl from the comment above doesn’t seem to know what scientist say that evolution is. They don’t say we have evolved from monkeys, but we have a common ancestor. Seeing the physical similarities doesn’t make that so surreal. Plus: apparently 98% of our DNA is similar to that of a certain kind of gorilla. Plus: in the video above the guy clearly explains why it is so likely that we would share a common ancestor with the monkeys. That is one point that above all shows that this girl is not the one who should be commenting here.
Is evolution logic? Let’s be honest. It totally is when looking at the scientific facts, that as far as I know never claim that we have something in common with rain. Thank you very much.
Not everything is meant for us to understand – but creationist always need prove that is complete and cannot be ‘unproved’. They tend to say there is no proof for evolution.
On the other hand, what is their proof for the existence of God? Let me cite something I once read.
‘Everything that starts to exist has a reason. The universe started to exist. Therefore it has a reason. God exists’.
For people who throw away so much evidence because of little details that aren’t explicitly explained, I find this a sad way of reasoning. And that, people, is why I hate creationism. They close their eyes and just want to hear what they think is true. They don’t want to listen to anything else. They don’t to think about it. Why do they refuse to consider the fact that they might be wrong? I too have to admit that I’m not always right. But that’s okay as long as you are open to other opinions.
Also, they believe everything stated in the Bible is true. They believe a book. A book. With stories that you can never witness alive. How can they not see that that is a weird thing to do? I too could write a book. Why wouldn’t that one be true? And what evidence do they have for it to be true?
‘Because it is the Bible’ doesn’t count as evidence.
I do think it is possible to believe in God and evolution. It is possible that there is a God, but he’s clearly not almighty. Even if you believe he has created the world, then evolution might still be real. Maybe God finds it exciting to see how things evolve.
But above all you shouldn’t throw away clear indications just because you want to believe a book.
Via 9gag

Via 9gag

Also, creationists trying to defend themselves make a lot of typos. Man, even I am better at English and I’m not even a native speaker.
By the way, WordPress won’t allow any white space today. I’m sorry for the long, long text in just one part. That was not my intention at all.

Military operation – Science Magazines

Background: NBI needs 7 articles about science, more specific about the universe.

Team: Father of NBI

14:22  Enter library. Enter magazine section.
14:23  Collect right magazines. Check for right articles, while sitting next to bunch of old men.
14:56  Articles collected. Magazines piled in most efficient way.
15:01  Start copying. NBI passes on magazines on right page. Father of NBI copies.
15:12  Copying done.
15:13  Put stickers with information about the source on the copies. Fold copies into A4.
15:15  Leave library.

Mission succeeded with military precision.

The Underdog of Evolution Theories

In certain, infamous times, people didn’t believe the ones who said that the earth was round. The ones who dared to say things that didn’t fit what the Bible says, were even killed sometimes. But now we’re doing better, right?
That’s not what Elaine Morgan thinks. She talked in TED about her strong conviction that science has forgotten of some things. Such as: the reasons for us talking and gorilla’s not talking while sharing ancestors, the reasons for not having a fur and gorilla’s having a fur while sharing ancestors etc. Tell me, dear reader, do you know the answers? Well, I didn’t, because science is not my thing. But this interested me. Everything Elaine Morgan said, sounded as if she was right- but, of course,  I’m not a scientist and I do not know enough about it to judge.
Maybe science has not forgotten of the questions I have mentioned. But has it already investigated it? Probably – and yet it has not supported the Aquatic Ape Theory. This theory says that our ancestors have gone trough a (semi-)aquatic period. This means that we have changed due to water, and not (so much) due to the savanna. Why would someone believe that? There are certain indications, such as being able to talk. That’s because we can controll our breathing. The only other animals that are able to controll their breathing, are the ones that live in water. Our body fat is another difference between us and apes such as gorilla’s(victims of the day ;)). We have subcutaneous fat, and apparently we also share that with water animals. Our bipedalism, diving reflex, descended larynx, hooded nose etc are other indications. What I also found quite intruiging, was this quote: the mechanism of sweating in humans is especially wasteful of water–a rare commodity in the hot savanna. Convinced? Too early. Needless to say, there are ‘holes’ in this theory. Why do human beings don’t have the typical aquatic ears? Why do we have legs? Such kinds of questions.
The theory is often rejected by scientists. But the earth turned out to be round too! So I suggest that scientist (as if they would listen to me!) investigate it, see if this theory could be right, why it couldn’t be right, how this theory and the ‘savanna’ one could blend. I mean, I’m not the one to solve this problem, but perhaps we have gone trough both phases. Why don’t I read this on the internet? Or do I just miss it? I don’t want to pretend as if I have read anything. But I want to open up eyes – don’t just reject, but research! The Aquatic Ape Theory could have some true points, why wouldn’t we listen to it?

Sites I used: for the quote, for the criticism, for a basic idea. But again: every one could say anything on the internet. Don’t just believe everything, use different sources. Select. The ones you understand the least are often the best when you search up science-things ;).