Intergalactic (but Belgian) Lovers

Belgium. You know Belgium. You know it from our beer, our chocolate, our cute towns with lace and water… Or because Brussels is important? Or because of the fact that forming a government takes ages here?
Anyway. I just want to say that you probably don’t know Belgium because of its music. I must say that I’m not really a fan of any Belgian group, but there is some good stuff made here. It’s mostly slightly alternative, and sometimes really good, and other times not that good. But there is this one song that really catches me every time. Just the beginning is enough to catch my attention and to draw me into it. It was quite a hit here in the summer, and every time I heard it on the radio I got all silent to listen. We also heard it when returning from our holiday. Hearing a good Belgian song when returning to Belgium is the ultimate national feeling. Especially when you eat fries at the same time.

It would be very very unfair to not post the video now. And as I am a fair player, I’ll give it anyway. Enjoy!